June 18

Simplifying laundry productivity tracking using RFID technology

Laundry Operations


Between maintaining expensive laundry equipment, dealing with rising operating costs and keeping customers happy, managing a commercial laundry is not easy. The workload is intense and the pressure to deliver top-tier customer service is constant.

Especially when it comes to healthcare and hospitality clients, who possess stringent standards when it comes to their linen, delivering reliable, high-quality services is the core deliverable of commercial laundries.

This is precisely why laundry productivity tracking is essential. It can help you create an efficient, profitable business while keeping your operating costs under control. RFID technology plays a huge role, here, given that it helps your team keep tabs on each piece of linen and where it is in your processing and delivery cycle.

Continue reading to understand the connection between productivity tracking and RFID technology, and how this leads to higher productivity and output across your business.

The connection between productivity tracking and an efficient laundry business

How do you provide top-tier customer service while streamlining your operating costs?

The only solution is to improve productivity by creating an environment where you deliver more with less. Higher productivity will help you run a more efficient business and helps offset rising operating costs and meet client expectations.

Of course, the first step in improving laundry productivity is to create processes to track this metric. This is the value of laundry productivity tracking; with the right systems in place, you can determine how your laundry is faring across KPIs that include (but are not limited to) kilos per hour, litres per kilo and pieces per operator.

Moreover, you can set realistic objectives for your workers and give them goals to work towards, leading to a more productive business in the future.

In this process, keep your tracking simple. One way to do that is to invest in RFID technology.

Simplify laundry productivity tracking using RFID technology

We’ve discussed laundry tracking with RFID in the past.

While we have explained its technical benefits, however, we’ve not dived into how RFID tracking simplifies productivity tracking. Here’s how this happens.

It can reduce the time required for inventory management

Inventory management is expensive and can take a lot of time.

Keeping an accurate linen count during the sorting, washing, drying, storage, and transport stages using manual methods is a tall ask. After all, we are talking about a large amount of textiles staged in a huge number of different locations.

Even if the counting process is accurate, getting data from employees (who do the counting) is a separate process that requires a lot of time.

With an RFID tracking system, you can eliminate these steps to get an accurate linen count straight away without going through so much hassle. Moreover, RFID technology can make the counting process more accurate; manual counting methods are, naturally, prone to more errors.

RFID technology can eliminate these uncertainties by tagging each piece of linen, helping you get a more accurate count.

Use RFID technology to improve your workflow

Tracking productivity should be a quick, simple process that uses the latest real-time data in your system. As it happens, RFID technology can simplify and optimise production workflows to ensure you are getting accurate data on time.

There are several ways to accomplish this. For example, there is no need for direct contact. When using manual counting methods, employees need to count each item of linen, tally it, then enter it into the system.

With RFID technology, there is no need for direct contact. Instead, you can place RFID readers at any location, where your textile pass by. The RFID reader will then scan all the RFID chips, getting a tally almost instantly, and then enter this number into the system.

This will not only optimise workflows but also generate a more accurate linen count.

Create a highly productive and efficient commercial laundry with RFID technology

Automating and simplifying laundry productivity tracking can help you create a more efficient, productive business. Many problems plague the commercial laundry industry today, and it is important to devise new processes to help your business grow despite the obstacles we’re encountering at present.

RFID systems can help you improve productivity by eliminating unnecessary steps that hinder task completion, helping you and your team get work done faster than before.

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