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Streamline linen management processes more efficiently with exceptional cloud-based software.

Why restaurants should invest in a linen tracking system

Restaurants, which form part of the hospitality industry, typically operate on a large scale. Restaurants go through multiple linen items including tablecloths, napkins, washcloths, placemats, aprons, chef apparel, and other types of linen.

Thus, restaurants typically require an adequate stock of linen items to maintain operational efficiency. Linen stock shortages can halt operations which can stall restaurant employees’ productivity. This downtime can also affect restaurants by reducing their ROI potential.

Linen managers and employees at restaurants juggle multiple responsibilities, which means they have little flexibility when it comes to counting linen inventory and sorting them out by size, type, colour, and location.

By investing in linen tracking technology, linen managers save a significant amount of energy and time that would have been spent doing tedious, repetitive, and labour-intensive linen counting tasks. Instead, they can focus on higher-value tasks, such as improving customer-oriented services.

It also ensures streamlined and seamless restaurant linen management operations that can increase customer satisfaction rates, thus increasing the chances of retaining and attracting new customers.

In return, restaurants can see a long-term positive return on their investment through improved workforce productivity and better cost-saving measures.


Linen managers play a pivotal role in ensuring that a streamlined laundry management process is executed from the sorting stage to the packing stage.

They shoulder the responsibility that there are minimal to no hiccups to the linen management process, such as the mismanagement or loss of linen equipment and equipment breakdowns, and that employee productivity remains high.

The expectation to juggle other duties on top of ensuring smooth and cost-efficient linen management can place undue stress on linen managers. Furthermore, keeping within the allocated budget when it comes to the linen management process adds to their work pressure.

By investing in an integrated laundry service management software, linen managers save a significant amount of time and cost, while providing linen rental employees with flexibility to focus on high-value, productive tasks such as ensuring excellent customer service.

This increases the chances of attracting new clients and retaining existing customers as well as boosting the business’s reputation as a leading linen management provider.

In return, linen rental businesses can see a positive return on their investment and continue to boost their profitability.

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The benefits of investing in linen tracking technology for restaurants

Automated linen counting and tracking that improves workforce productivity

Real-time visibility and location tracking to prevent loss of linen items from theft or misplacement

Better stock control that furnishes restaurants with high quality-linens, without running the risk of stock shortages or overstocking

Comprehensive reporting feature that guides decision-makers to better utilise their linen items

Encompasses user-friendly features that allow customers to place and track their orders through an online portal

Bundle’s linen tracking system facilitates more productive and agile restaurant linen management processes

With RFID capabilities, Bundle Track helps to streamline the linen management processes to create a seamless linen management lifecycle.

By automating linen counting, Bundle Track helps to count and sort linen items by size, type, colour, and location, facilitating the order-to-invoice process more efficiently. Restaurants can also minimise their labour-related and operational costs, whilst maximising their returns.

Employees will also be able to focus on more high-value, productive tasks, such as furnishing restaurant-based clients with real-time updates on their linen orders.

This advanced linen tracking technology can also use information transmitted by RFID tags which have a unique identification number, to indicate to employees a linen item’s condition or when it’s reaching the end of its shelf life. Bundle Track’s unparalleled stock control feature can ensure that restaurants always have an adequate supply of linen items to run restaurant operations.

With Bundle Track, restaurant workers can be assured that their operational efficiency and ROI are maximised.

With cloud technology and RFID capabilities, Bundle Connect helps businesses streamline their linen management processes.

By automating linen counting, tracking inventory by size, type, and location, and facilitating the order-to-invoice process more efficiently, businesses can minimise their operational costs and maximise their returns.

Employees will be able to focus on more high-value, productive tasks, such as improving customer engagement through real-time order updates.

The revolutionary software has an unmatched stock control feature that alerts employees if they’re running low on stock shortage or if they’re overstocking.

Linen managers will also be able to rest assured that their workload is halved and their productivity remains high thanks to Bundle Connect.

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Client success stories 

"The transition to Bundle has been instrumental in Allied Laundry continuing to drive change and business improvement by providing real-time customer ordering information, streamlined ordering, and billing processes and have enabled a considerable reduction in staff time. The system has been a real success story for Allied Laundry."

Mark Mabbet

Allied Laundry Service

"No question is a stupid question in the eyes of the Bundle team. Their customer service, expertise and knowledge ensured a smooth transition for me when I purchased my business. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate, while syncing seamlessly with my accounts package."

Geraldine Minogue

Associated Laundry Services

Since the transition from a manual, paper-driven system to Bundle, the time spent managing orders through to invoicing has been reduced by some 75%. From an administrative perspective, it is far easier to track the progress of orders, respond to queries (and resupply dockets). 

The management abilities for individual account needs with set days, recurring orders, fixing cut-off times, adding notes to orders and pick-ups means that all relevant persons have the same information. 
Customer support is also given a high priority and queries and concerns are met promply and efficiently.

Cynthia Hertrick

Blueline Laundry

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Do I require a sizable capital to invest in a linen tracking system?

The amount of capital required to invest in and implement a linen tracking system can vary depending on specific business requirements and the scale of the operations. While an initial investment can be expensive, the long-term return on investment for the business outweighs its upfront costs.

Why is linen tracking important?

Linen tracking is important for several reasons. Among them are inventory management, cost control, fever incidents of theft or loss of linen items, as well as hygiene compliance. These procedures are essential to provide customers and patients with high-quality linens for use.

Is training required for employees to learn how to use linen tracking technology?

Yes, training is required to use this technology effectively to produce optimal linen management results. Contact Bundle’s customer care to learn more about this.