April 11

The Benefits of RFID technology for Commercial Laundries



If you’re up-to-date with everything happening in the commercial laundry industry, you’ll know that RFID technology is one of the hottest topics at the moment.

Radio Frequency Identification Tracking, as it is known in full, utilises radio frequency technology to track certain types of inventory. In the context of a commercial laundry, RFID tags or chips, which transmit data to the RFID reader and then to a computer, can be used to track and identify individual items of linen.

While we’ve already done a post on how RFID improves laundry tracking, this week, we dive into the overall benefits laundries enjoy with this type of technology. Continue reading our post for a closer look at what you stand to gain with this system in tow!

RFID linen tracking reduces costs

One of the biggest claims to fame for RFID technology is its ability to reduce the costs of a given distribution centre, which in this case would be your commercial laundry.

Accordingly, RFID linen tracking can reduce cost in terms of the labour otherwise required to conduct inventory check-ins, inventory counts, packing times, and dispatch verification. With this technology, these processes are made significantly more efficient by cutting down the time, manpower, and resources generally expended.

RFID technology outperforms barcode labels

Another amazing benefit of RFID chips is that they’re much more durable compared to the more traditional barcode labels. The latter is known to fade, fall off, and is easily damaged by sunlight and even harsh detergents and chemicals.

While toxic detergents shouldn’t be used in the wash cycle, to begin with, RFID chips can withstand all of these, including sterilisation cycles. They’re weatherproof!

Another point in favour of RFID tags is that barcode readers can only hold a limited amount of data – typically, only a serial number that references a database. The former can hold large amounts of data, as you will see below, and certain systems even allow data to be read from remote locations without a connection to the back-end database.

Streamline your workflow

Another benefit of opting for RFID technology in your commercial laundry is its ability to streamline your workflow and improve overall efficiency.

By combining this technology together with the capabilities of a commercial laundry management system, you access a range of insights on your inventory. For instance, you’ll be able to tell, almost immediately, exactly where each item of linen is, when you will need to wash and send out laundry again, and at which point, items are more likely to get lost or damaged.

With this information, you can customise your entire workflow/laundry cycle to be as expedient as possible!

Validate pick-up and delivery

With superior RFID technology in place, you can also establish a pick-up and delivery verification system.

Beyond making your life easier, this also benefits your customers who no longer need to fret about whether their items have been picked up and dispatched on time. Imagine how much time will be saved if your employees don’t have to field calls from clients the whole day!

Key takeaways

RFID technology utilises the power of automation to improve the core aspects of a commercial laundry’s service delivery.

By incorporating the right systems into your facility, you can now leverage high-tech laundry tracking and data management to optimise your output and performance. Cut cost, improve efficiency, and take your service to the next level with RFID tracking – your laundry will never be the same again!

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