Innovative textile rental management solutions

Our productivity solutions are embraced by laundry operations of all sizes and across multiple industries - from private business to government agencies, from healthcare to accommodation and industrial - our solutions work.


Our productivity solutions are embraced by laundry operations of all sizes and across multiple industries - from private business to government agencies, from healthcare to accommodation and industrial - our solutions work.

Our Core offerings

Bundle Laundry has provided textile service companies with best in class productivity solutions for nearly 20 years and has grown to become one of the most innovative and market-leading companies within the textile laundry community.

Bundle Connect – Laundry Management System 

Bundle Track – Laundry Asset Management 

Bundle Worx – Production Management System

Bundle IQ – Business Intelligence Solution 

Bundle Laundry's Core Benefits 

Bundle works with the top textile service companies across many different industries. Whether you are catering to hospitals, hotels, mining operations or restaurants, we work with all textile service companies everyday to help them deliver.

Customer Experience

Everything about Bundle is centred on our clients and their success. That's precisely why we've built our portal to ensure all clients have visibility, transparency and ownership of their operations.

Automate Processes

Productivity is at the heart of any business's success and we understand this better than anyone. Our entire suite has been constructed with the objective of ensuring trust, efficiency and reliability.

Increase Productivity 

Manual processes hinder operations and lead to inefficiency and errors - leaving your operation vulnerable. Our suite has the capacity and capability to completely modernise your various operations.

Industries we work with 

We cater to a wide range of companies including;

Linen service companies

We work with textile service companies that are serving the needs of accommodation and food & beverage facilities that need a solution to optimise their textile management processes.

Healthcare service providers

Whether it's a hospital, nursing unit or infection control, we can help healthcare facilities streamline and refine their linen management processes to make it easier to track and manage your linen load.

Executive housekeepers 

Our solutions help executive housekeepers keep track of all linen orders, deliveries, stock levels and costs.

Workwear companies

We help companies handling workwear and uniforms turn their textile management processes into a more efficient, accurate and productive procedure.

Our Partners and Affiliations

We have partnered with textile and technical partners to provide our customers with the best service possible.

We are also members of:

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Client Success Stories

Read about what our clients have to say.

"The transition to Bundle has been instrumental in Allied Laundry continuing to drive change and business improvement by providing real-time customer ordering information, streamlined ordering, and billing processes and have enabled a considerable reduction in staff time. The system has been a real success story for Allied Laundry."

Mark Mabbet

Allied Laundry Service

"No question is a stupid question in the eyes of the Bundle team. Their customer service, expertise and knowledge ensured a smooth transition for me when I purchased my business. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate, while syncing seamlessly with my accounts package."

Geraldine Minogue

Associated Laundry Services

Since the transition from a manual, paper-driven system to Bundle, the time spent managing orders through to invoicing has been reduced by some 75%. From an administrative perspective, it is far easier to track the progress of orders, respond to queries (and resupply dockets). 

The management abilities for individual account needs with set days, recurring orders, fixing cut-off times, adding notes to orders and pick-ups means that all relevant persons have the same information. 

Customer support is also given a high priority and queries and concerns are met promply and efficiently.

Cynthia Hertrick

Blueline Laundry

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