July 25

Smart washing trends in the commercial laundry sector

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At a time when artificial intelligence and automation have subsumed the operations of almost every industry, smart washing in the commercial laundry sector is nothing particularly newsworthy.

Yet, given the strides laundry innovation and tech have made in recent years, there really is plenty to talk about. With environmental concerns assuming a high-priority status, commercial laundry operators are compelled to invest in top-of-the-line equipment that’s eco-friendly.

Moreover, as the industry becomes more competitive, efficiency and speed become crucial to executing service delivery in line with industry standards. Smart washing and its incorporation of IoT principles have much to do with this.

What other smart washing trends are about to capture the industry? We take a look in our post!

Laundry tags with computational power

For almost every commercial laundry, RFID tracking technology isn’t as new as it once was, even though it is quickly become a staple feature in every facility.

Beyond tracking laundry, however, these tags are about to receive a high-tech makeover. Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things, tags with computational power will change the service rendered by the industry.

These tags will not only be able to detect where particular textiles are worn and how they should be washed but, in combination with smart washing machines, will also allow the fabric to be cleaned using treatments specific to the kind of dirt/soiling on it.

If this seems a little far-fetched, wait till you hear this: Apart from the soiling information gathered by smart devices, sensors present therein will be able to take spectroscopic scans of the wash liquor. This information will then be transmitted to international databases where it will be cross-analysed with data on previous wash cycles of other users using the same machine with the same type of soiled linen.

This will tell operators everything they need to know about the appropriate number of wash cycles or the further action required for effective laundering!

Smarter, innovation-driven textiles

Contrary to opinion, smart washing trends aren’t confined to machines and computer-based software. Textiles, too, have a huge role to play in the new era being ushered in.

With strides being made in micro, nano, and biotechnologies, textiles that serve multiple purposes is becoming the standard. New innovations include improved fibre structures, composite materials, and coatings at both the nano and micro levels and even the integration of wearable technology into the fabric.

If this seems a little scientific, let us break it down: Improved textile components will help your laundry clean fabric more effectively without worry of wear and tear. If you rent linen as a part of your activity, this news is likely to bring you even greater tidings!

Super smart washing equipment

While smart equipment is, arguably, the least exciting trend because intelligent washers and dryers have been around for some time now, there’s no doubt that these devices are turning the laundry industry around.

Certain washing machines even come with multiple solutions, combining air-wash, water-wash, and heat pump drying to improve the speed, efficiency, and energy rating of laundry businesses. These devices are focusing on cleaner washing, leveraging zero-residue draining and dust-free washing features.

Washing machine manufacturers are also producing devices that boast extra-large laundry drums offering faster wash cycles for facilities constantly pressed for time.

When combined with commercial laundry management systems, the functionality of these devices is further enhanced, allowing operators to remotely control smart washers and dryers and optimise settings for more effective cleaning.

Stay ahead of smart washing trends to take your service delivery to the next level!

To compete in an industry as futuristic as the commercial laundry, staying ahead of the latest trends is crucial. Here, smart washing – a concept being embraced at every level of the multi-tiered laundry industry – has the power to transform operations once and for all.

Stay tuned to the Bundle Laundry Blog for the latest insights, news, and trends in the commercial laundry sector!

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