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Top Commercial Laundry TrendsConsidered to be among the fastest-growing laundry trends, the move toward this type of

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Given the growth and the complexity of the commercial laundry sector, new laundry trends seem to pop up with increasing frequency.  

Despite the impetus on companies to go green and make operations more efficient, these are not the only changes sweeping across this explosive industry. Beyond these, other developments, which place an emphasis on the end customer and the importance of business data, are also transforming the way these businesses work. 

Diving into the top textile trends in the commercial sector, our blog this week outlines some of the most important developments taking flight. Continue reading to find out! 

Customer experience is being placed at the forefront of business 

While businesses in every industry aim to improve customer experience, in the commercial laundry sector, this is reaching new heights. 

This is more pronounced given that a great number of commercial clients represent healthcare and hospitality services. In this regard, beyond traditional delivery facilities or even extended working times, laundries are also implementing a range of best practice to improve the cleaning process. 

This spans from upgrading hardware equipment such as washers and dryers to using high-end detergents and cleaning chemicals to better preserve laundry loads. Unlike the laundromats of yesteryears, commercial laundries are now seeking to improve all aspects of service delivery – from the time laundry loads are submitted to when they’re delivered. 

Business intelligence is being used to improve operations 

Another key laundry trend is the growing use of business intelligence as a means of optimising operations. 

Through smart laundry systems, operators can now measure performance in just about every aspect. This includes data ranging from employee productivity to the efficiency of the washers and dryers in use. Beyond this, consumption patterns and resource usage can also be automatically calculated, giving businesses the insights they need to improve efficiency. 

With this knowledge in hand, cutting cost, reducing wastage, and improving overall performance can be achieved with little to no effort. Given that these insights are generated from real-time data, commercial laundry operators can now make evidence-based decisions which yield positive results. 

Automation and remote management is becoming more important  

Another key laundry trend, as discussed in previous blog posts, is the rapid infiltration of automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the commercial laundry sector. 

Considered to be among the fastest-growing textile trends, the move toward this type of technology allows operators to manage operations remotely and across multiple sites. This is truly beneficial given that it allows them to take a hands-on approach, wherever they are, with little hassle or inconvenience.  

IoT, in particular, allows employees to operate specific equipment and oversee a range of transactions over just about any internet-connected device. Automated payment systems even allow managers to adjust prices on-the-go, making these range of tools the perfect solution to optimising operations across multiple workstations. 

Demand patterns are shifting 

With the growing popularity of long-term care facilities, their reliance on commercial laundries for fresh and clean linen is driving growth for specific laundry chemicals for healthcare. Knowledge of such laundry trends allows businesses to implement best practices with regard to laundering hospital linen

Further, given the shift in demand toward Airbnb and other vacation rentals, linen from large hotels and similar establishments may ebb, going forward. However, it is likely that property management companies may be left in charge of many short-term rentals. This means that laundry will be done either on-site or will be passed off to commercial laundries for cleaning. 

Key takeaways  

Textile trends are a great way of understanding the direction in which businesses in this sector need to align themselves. Whether this means reorienting services to better meet the needs of healthcare facilities or adopt smart laundry management systems, such changes can make a huge difference in performance and profit margins. 

By paying attention to the trends set out above, transform commercial laundry operations today! 

Curious about other pertinent commercial laundry trends? 

For more insights on emerging laundry trends, head to the Bundle Laundry blog today!

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