November 22

Smart Washing With IoT in the Commercial Laundry Industry

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Revolutionising the operations of homes and entire industries, the Internet of Things (IoT), has allowed commercial laundries to engage in smart washing for improved operations. 

To put it simply, IoT refers to the system of interconnected computing devices and machines that allow individuals to transfer and receive data across a network, without resorting to human contact. 

Needless to say, this type of technology has transformed the way commercial laundries operate, reducing costs and inefficiencies in a truly unparalleled manner. In this way, personnel can shift focus from mundane tasks to activity that can lead to sustainable business growth. 

Curious about what else you stand to gain? Our blog this week takes a look at the benefits that can be leveraged via IoT-powered smart washing. 

Smart washing guarantees thorough linen laundering 

When it comes to smart washing in commercial laundries, automation plays a significant role in reducing inefficiencies. 

By eliminating the need for manual tinkering, automated wash settings don’t just save money and time – it’s also much better for the fabrics being laundered. In this regard, smart washing machines analyse load size and type, determining the amount of detergent to be used prior to the washing and drying process. 

Further, they also determine whether hot or cold water is most appropriate for each cycle and alert employees when each wash cycle is completed. In more sophisticated washer/dryer systems, anti-wrinkle measures, such as tumbling or steam, can be initiated without a manual prompt.  

Automation eliminates major inefficiencies  

As evident, IoT-powered smart washing involves heavy components of automation. In this regard, automation within the commercial laundry process ensures that basic inefficiencies are eliminated. 

Specifically, these systems notify clients and employees when their laundry loads have completed a wash cycle. They also move linen from one stage to the other, preventing employees from having to manually process loads and wait for them to be completed.  

Further, IoT-enabled machines know exactly what to do in the event of power failures or mechanical issues. This saves commercial laundries both money and time, preventing half-completed laundry loads from being washed all over again.  

Cost savings through improved usage monitoring 

When it comes to interconnected laundry devices, smart meters on washers and dryers allow businesses to monitor the quantity of resources being used in the laundering process. 

This information can then be fed into a laundry management system, providing employees with insights on how to optimise consumption and increase savings. This data is useful in making evidence-based investments, which include high-tech washers and dryers.  

Beyond this data, however, smart washing allows costs to be saved, automatically, through machine-specific cost-cutting that takes place through temperature and detergent regulation. 

Smart washing is better for the environment 

Another key benefit of smart washing is that it allows commercial laundries to become more sustainable. 

In this regard, through smarter energy and detergent usage, electricity consumption is reduced and harmful toxins are prevented from being released into the environment. If these seem like trivial changes to business operations, that’s far from fact. 

Going into a future where business sustainability is prized above all other factors, green operations allow businesses to position themselves as industry leaders, blowing other competitors out of the water. 

Key takeaways 

Given the reach and growing capabilities of IoT, smart washing allows commercial laundries to enjoy a range of functionality and features that, ultimately, spell cost savings, improvements in efficiency, and greater sustainability. 

As these become a more staple feature across the many businesses in this billion-dollar industry, newer innovations and improved service delivery are likely to emerge. In this way, commercial laundries perform at their peak without having to increase effort or business expenditure – the dream for any businesses with nothing but growth in their vision.  

For more tips on how to leverage IoT for smart washing, stay tuned to the Bundle blog!

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