June 19

How to improve commercial laundry production with a laundry management software

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Laundry production refers, loosely, to the sum of the different elements that make up a commercial laundry’s service delivery. From sorting dirty linen all the way to packing up freshly laundered linen, a laundry’s production lifecycle forms the backbone of any facility.

Given the constant push for the next best thing in the industry, operators have been compelled to improve the way they do business. They’re expected to be faster, cost-efficient, innovative and utterly intuitive to customer needs.

In our experience, these qualities can only be guaranteed when laundry management software is in place. Our post dives into how you can improve laundry production with one of these systems!

Improve accuracy and speed by accessing a range of linen data

In terms of making commercial clients happy, operators know that there are few things as important as timely service.

In commercial laundries that lack the support of comprehensive laundry software, improving speed and accuracy can be difficult. When data like wash load throughput needs to be recorded manually or linen counts (for clients that have these in place) aren’t easily and instantly accessible, operators struggle to identify where potential problems lie.

With the backing of laundry management systems, operators have the ability to modify wash procedures by processing linen data like textile counts. This software produces linen data that, ultimately, has a major impact on processing efficiency and production.

Maximise equipment utilisation across multiple commercial laundry sites

For commercial laundries that run and manage multiple facilities, it can be hard for operators to synchronise laundry production and achieve maximum efficiency. This is especially the case if there’s zero visibility about which devices are in use and which are available.

Fortunately, Productivity software allows you to view the operation and output of individual devices across multiple sites, giving you the ability to direct production in the most efficient way possible.

The availability of management dashboards also improves equipment and staff productivity because they produce data about which part of your processes require modification to maximise laundry production.

Streamline ordering, packing and invoicing with smoother laundry process management

Packing linen and issuing invoices are more time-consuming than many imagine them to be. With productivity software, these processes are streamlined and expedited, relieving operators and employees of mundane and repetitive tasks.

With the use of RFID tags and readers, the linen sorting process can be automated, which, in turn, makes the packing process significantly more efficient.

Invoicing too can be managed with greater ease and convenience with laundry software using customer data to issue accurate receipts, without requiring employees to undertake a manual count of items laundered.

The ordering process can also be improved exponentially with the introduction of a customer portal, where clients can go and submit orders without bombarding employees with dozens of separate requests.

By having an ordering system in place – one facilitated by a commercial laundry management system – laundry production becomes more efficient because there’s a systematic process in place for every function or action employees undertake.

Improve staff efficiency by ensuring visibility into productivity levels and performance indicators

Another element crucial to excellent laundry production has very much to do with staff efficiency. No matter to what extent your commercial laundry is automated, employees still contribute to how smoothly your facility operates.

Yet, employees are the most volatile element in any workplace and as such, managing them efficiently is key to improving overall output.

Fortunately, with powerful laundry software in place, you can now enjoy active control over employee productivity through interactive and customised dashboards. Over time, you’re likely to see optimised laundry production processes once employees have a proper system in place to manage their own output based on the insights provided.

Laundry management software optimises every aspect of laundry production – get yours now!

If you’re in knots about how you can change the way commercial laundry production takes place in your facility, don’t fret – turning your operations upside down isn’t necessary.

With comprehensive and powerful laundry management software, you can change every single process you’re not satisfied with. Insulate your business with the power of laundry automation!

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