Improve the productivity of your laundry with Bundle Connect:

Through the use of our exceptional laundry management system, Bundle Connect, businesses can expect to leverage the following functionalities: 

  • Laundry process management with streamlined ordering, packing and invoicing 
  • Cloud-based apps which facilitate RFID garment tracking and optimise GPS delivery routes 
  • Customer relationship management through a dedicated customer portal 
  • Enterprise-level business productivity software 


Through these capabilities, the sky is the limit for industry leaders with an eye on the future.  

Some of the specific advantages commercial laundries can anticipate, include: 


  • An expedient ordering process – Allow customers to enter orders through an online portal. 
  • Perfect customer service – Leave standard operational tasks in the hands of Bundle Connect and focus more on client management. 
  • Save time and money – Streamline service delivery with an effective laundry management system. 
  • Improve customer experience – Facilitate order and invoice management with exceptional ease. 
  • Unparalleled stock and inventory control – Track each piece of linen from collection to delivery and ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced!


Find out what else you stand to gain with Bundle Connect – a world of efficiency awaits! 

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