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What are the best commercial laundry solutions for multi-site operations?

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When it comes to operating multi-site laundries, what laundry management solutions are a necessity for a smoother service delivery.

Keeping in mind that logistical nightmares can spring forth at almost any moment, running laundries that are stocked with the latest tools and software is now business-as-usual, as opposed to the features of a futuristic facility.

Yet, many operators remain unaware of some of the sophisticated solutions that are transforming how industry leaders are performing. So, apart from some of the general best practices relating to multi-site operations, what else can you do?

If you’re curious about how you can boost productivity, streamline the management process, and ensure service delivery is coordinated across multiple sites, this post is a good start.

Commercial laundry management solutions

On the Bundle blog, this is a topic we speak about frequently, not least because of its almost guaranteed ability to make or break multi-site laundries.

A commercial laundry management system is responsible for automating many standard managerial and administrative tasks. Here, everything from managing employee productivity to the full gamut of laundry process management, including orders, invoicing, pricing, and packing, is made more efficient.

In the context of a commercial laundry with multiple facilities, these type of commercial laundry solutions are nothing short of miraculous. They ensure that:

  • Multiple facilities are working with just their information, and not confusing this with anothers’ sites
  • Laundries don’t run low on linen, chemicals or other supplies
  • Customers are communicated with properly – no inconsistent messaging
  • Employee rosters are allocated in a way that ensures maximum efficiency

These are a few of the specific applications of a commercial laundry management system for multi-site operations. It’s important to remember that greater functionality will depend on how sophisticated each system is.

Specialised productivity and efficiency solutions

Did you know that productivity software is not just reserved for corporate-type organisations?
Commercial laundries now have the ability to ensure that productivity is not an unfortunate victim when it comes to managing operations across multiple sites.

These laundry-specific solutions give operators control over certain modules that are designed to be used in multiple departments, including the washroom, dispatch, customer portals, and general administrative services.

These tools allow you to undertake extensive reporting into many detailed aspects of laundry operations including wash load throughout and textile counts. This, ultimately, helps you understand performance levels across multiple sites and try out best practices that help each laundry achieve the same level of efficiency and output.

Stock and inventory control solutions – using RFID technology

For enterprises that run multiple commercial laundry sites and for those that specialise in linen rental, stock and inventory control can be nightmarish without the right tools.

That’s precisely why many facilities are now turning to solutions like RFID tags that track individual items of linen from the laundry to clients’ hands.

Beyond the fact that linen location can be identified at any given point in time, this technology is useful because it helps laundries clearly identify the linen they handle, preventing stock and inventory control issues from plaguing your laundries.

Certain tools allow you to also:

  • Manage inventory in real-time
  • Inventory counting at various stages in the cleaning and distribution process
  • Comprehensive stock reporting

Production management tools

The commercial laundry solutions market is limited only by the imagination. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that you can now leverage real-time production management systems that target your biggest utility costs – labour, resources, and equipment.

With these solutions, operators are now monitoring devices across multiple sites, automating utility tracking, determining product processing efficiency, and even monitoring the productivity levels of their employees.

The right production solutions, therefore, allow multi-site facilities to be managed and operated with little inconvenience and greater flexibility.

Choose laundry management solutions that make multi-site management effortless

If you’ve been thinking of building out your multi-site laundry, don’t let your fear of nightmarish logistics or rampant costs hold you back.

With the right commercial laundry solutions, you can own and operate a successful string of facilities that run themselves with the aid of superior automation software platforms.

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