March 11

Why Should You Outsource Hotel Laundry Operations?

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It’s a well-known fact that hotel laundry operations can either make or break any kind of hospitality establishment.  

Given its importance, therefore, thousands of dollars are spent in laundering all kinds of hotel linen on a daily basis. Now, however, hotel owners are starting to realise that on-site laundries not only take up a large amount of space, but they’re also very costly to run. In fact, labour makes up between 50%-60% of a hotel laundry’s costs

As a solution to this, our blog this week takes a look at why hotels should outsource their hotel laundry operations to commercial laundries. Continue reading to find out why! 

Commercial laundries have the resources to make cleaning more efficient  

Simply put, commercial laundries have the capacity and infrastructure in place not just to ensure that cleaning is done more thoroughly, but also that it’s done faster. 

Unlike hotel laundry operations, these facilities have the tools and machinery in place to launder each load as required, without losing out on time or money. Whether this is because they have robust commercial laundry management systems in place or high-tech RFID garment tracking, these facilities have the resources that make them far superior (and cost-effective!) compared to hotel laundries.  

Given their experience in dealing with commercial clientele, these facilities also possess the expertise required to tackle the toughest stains and discolourations and transform your hotel linen to as good as new! 

Internal hotel laundry operations prove to be very costly 

You may know by now that running a hotel laundry is very costly. Not only do you need to hire trained staff, invest in top-of-the-line machines, restock detergent and cleaning fluid at an unbeatable pace, but you also find that, often, none of this is enough to get the job done efficiently. 

For this reason, commercial laundries are now a lucrative solution for many hotel owners.  

Essentially, these facilities eliminate the need for you to invest in high-end equipment or retain trained staff. Moreover, given that they purchase their supplies in bulk, this makes their overall service more cost-efficient compared to running solo hotel laundry operations. 

Commercial laundries specialise in laundry automation 

In our opinion, one of the reasons why commercial laundries are such a compelling alternative to hotel laundries is due to their automation capabilities. 

Laundry automation is an area that has grown in importance over the past few years – especially for commercial laundries. This comprises a variety of solutions that stretch from smart washing machines to data analytics solutions such as laundry management systems.  

As a whole, laundry automation automates many of the processes and activities human agents would otherwise be responsible for. While data analytics may not seem like a particularly important or consequential aspect of your hotel laundry operations, this is what makes certain commercial laundries true leaders in their field. 

With this data and with the efficiency that comes with smart washing machines, these facilities eliminate cost in a wholly strategic manner, without compromising on the quality of their service.  

As a whole, these solutions ensure that linen is cleaned thoroughly and in accordance with specific fabric cleaning requirements, extending hotel linen lifespan in an unprecedented manner. From the fibre analysis of each item to ensuring your inventory PAR levels – the minimum level of inventory necessary for a specific time period – automation solutions transform your cleaning requirements. 

Key takeaways 

Hotel laundry operations are time-consuming, expensive, and laborious at best – a fact, which many hotel owners are now agreeing with.  

With the rise of commercial laundries – not just here in Australia but in other parts of the world as well – these challenges are now easily resolved. By entrusting your hotel linen into the skilled care of these facilities, you don’t just cut costs – you also reduce the turnaround time for cleaning activities and ensure that your linen receives the care it requires. 

Determined to maintain on-site hotel laundry operations? 

At Bundle Laundry, we transform your hotel laundry operations into a seamless and expedient process. Head to our products page to take a look at how we can add value to your hotel! 

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