November 20

Top Tips for Laundering Hotel Linen

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For successful commercial laundries, hotels form a considerable portion of the total customer base. In this regard, hotel linen represents a core laundry load – one which requires special care and attention when passed through laundering processes.  

Here, practices such as mattress cleaning and the use of water-saving polymer beads are slowly taking over the industry. These have fundamentally changed and continue to improve the quality of service commercial laundries provide. 

On that note, our blog this week dives into these and other tips for laundering hotel linen. Continue reading to find out what these are!

Offer mattress cleaning 

It’s hard to argue with the assertion that most, if not all, hotels aim to provide their guests with the best experience money can buy. 

Laundering hotel linen, unsurprisingly, forms an important step in this process. Beyond linen, however, mattresses are being cleaned as well to improve overall guest experience.

In this regard, beyond expanding services to include mattress washing and cleaning itself, following best practices can lead to more satisfied customers. One of these involves staff pressing firmly on mattresses using a crevice tool, in order to get rid of dust that can’t be seen.

To eliminate stains, fabric cleaners or mild suds can be used for this purpose. Once these are dry, they can be then be sanitised with a disinfectant spray. 

Switch from water to polymer beads 

Given the frequent washing and cleaning required by hotels, commercial laundries can now save on a significant quantity of water using polymer beads. 

This laundering innovation replaces water as the primary medium of cleaning, reducing water wastage and expenditure significantly. This allows commercial laundries to charge competitive pricing for the cleaning of hotel linen, allowing them to retain loyal customers and expand their services to other clients.  

Check for stains when cleaning hotel linen 

Given the vast amount of hotel linen commercial laundries process, it’s sometimes easy to miss out on stains that remain after the laundering process. 

Owing to the nature of the hospitality industry, no stain, no matter how small, is acceptable. It is imperative, therefore, that laundries train staff on practices and procedures to ensure all stains are eliminated.  

In this regard, implementing a policy which requires staff to check each item after the wash cycle, both before being sent to the dryer and after that as well, can prove to be helpful in this process. 

Optimise wash settings  

Another way in which laundries can remain diligent is by fine-tuning wash settings when laundering hotel linen. In this regard, wash time and the temperature of the water are two areas commercial laundries need to pay attention to.  

In terms of the former, wash times must be set based on the cleaning required by each set of linen. While washing all linen for the same duration may be convenient, this can lead to damages in linen fabric. Needless to say, this can prove to be detrimental to laundry businesses.  

When it comes to setting the right water temperature, it’s important to ensure that this is neither too hot or cold. As may seem evident, water that’s no warm enough will prevent hotel linen from being cleaned thoroughly, which may allow bacteria and other dirt to remain. 

Water that’s too hot, on the other hand, can damage the fabric of the linen. 

Key takeaways 

Hotel linen represents a crucial area of business and profit for commercial laundries.  

Given this reality, providing hotels and similar businesses with the best of service is crucial in order to create loyalty, expand business opportunities, and enjoy greater revenue. By following the tips set out above, laundries can now leverage new trends and technology in the industry in order to provide impeccable service. 

In this manner, laundries will find that not only is profit safeguarded; rising costs and inefficiencies are controlled and prevented in the long run as well.  

For more tips on how to improve laundering processes for hotel linen, stay tuned to the Bundle blog!

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