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Why you should automate commercial laundry operations?

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Commercial laundry operations are complex. Whether it is managing staff, tracking linen or communicating with customers, laundry operators have to maintain a tough balancing act to run an efficient business. What laundry managers need is a solution that allows them to automate all or part of their commercial laundry operation. Automation is the future of laundry operations as it allows commercial laundry businesses to work more productively, efficiently, and competitively than ever before.

Let’s look into some of the reasons why you should automate commercial laundry.

How can automation create a more efficient business?

Automation technology can create a more efficient commercial laundry operation. Here are just some of the ways.

Collect and use data to improve operational efficiency

When you automate operations, it becomes much easier to measure their performance and scale over longer timeframes. Automated systems come with several KPIs that convert everyday commercial laundry operations into measurable, quantifiable indicators. These KPIs provide a strong foundation for improvement because you can only improve what you measure.

Collecting and measuring KPIs makes it much easier to identify areas for improvement. The insight from the data can reveal where operations are going wrong, giving you the information, you need to rectify the situation.

Improving speed and accuracy of linen inventory management

Automation technology allows commercial laundry businesses to improve the speed and accuracy of linen inventory management. For example, automation technology, like RFID readings across different points in the production process, allows businesses to track linen as it moves through the laundry, without resorting to manual recording methods, improving the overall management process.

Reduce employee workload

Automating commercial laundry operations reduces employee workload. One of the biggest challenges for any commercial laundry is finding the right people. When commercial laundries struggle to find the right people, it hampers their ability to scale operations quickly. However, by partially or fully automating operations, commercial laundries are no longer dependent on their ability to find suitably skilled people, which allows them to scale without worrying about resource constraints.

Improve visibility across the board

When you invest in a solution that automates commercial laundry operations, it improves transparency across the board. Operations are complex activities that require extensive coordination between different departments. To make sure operations are at their most efficient, you need an automated solution to ensure that laundry operations are optimised.

Eliminate mistakes from operations

Automation can help commercial laundries eliminate inefficiencies in daily operations. While commercial laundries do their best to be efficient and minimise errors, there are always slip-ups that hurt the business. Incorporating automation technology improves efficiency because it acts as a buffer against human error.

The role of software in automation

Commercial laundry software can go a long way in automating commercial laundry operations. Commercial laundry platforms can automate most operations by using real-time technology to improve productivity across the board. For example, with real-time technology, laundry managers can get instant readings on different operations like dispatch, inventory and invoicing.

Real-time insight allows business owners to understand what is going on in the business. With this level of understanding, managers can make informed decisions about operations and reap the benefits of automation.

Commercial laundry software helps businesses optimise and improve processes because it uses the right technology. Good commercial laundry software allows for RFID technology, allowing businesses to perform several functions more effectively, from counting inventory to order generation, to managing the washing and distribution process. In addition to the operational benefits, RFID-driven software provides a huge range of KPIs that make it easier to quantify and measure operations.

Optimising commercial laundry operations

Commercial laundry operations are complex, but with the right technology, you can strip away some of the complexity to create a more efficient, profitable business that can thrive no matter what the industry is going through.

Bundle Laundry can help you integrate automated solutions into your commercial laundry operations. By investing in these solutions, you can reap the benefits of automation to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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