March 16

How Smart Washing Machines Transform Laundry Operations

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In the recent past, smart washing machines have taken the commercial laundry industry by a sudsy storm. Allowing modern facilities to leverage some of the best laundry automation in the market, these devices have provided many commercial services with a push in the right direction.

Diving into the benefits of these almost futuristic devices, our post this week examines how smart washing machines work and how they transform laundry operations. Continue reading for a look at why you should consider equipping your facilities with these high-tech devices!

What makes smart washing machines so special?

Like all other smart devices, smart washers incorporate wireless technology to communicate and interact with devices over a connected network. What this means for your laundry is that with these devices, you can operate your washing machines remotely through the use of a smartphone or tablet device.

For laundry operators, such functionality is incredibly useful. As will be demonstrated below, this allows you to optimise many aspects of your commercial laundry.

Let’s examine this further.

Smart washing machines reduce operational costs

As with all forms of automation, smart devices help you reduce operational costs in an entirely sustainable manner.

With these devices, you can guarantee that your laundry loads are washed exactly as required, taking into account wash cycles, detergent use, and other requirements. This prevents you from having to over-wash all laundry loads simply to ensure they’re clean – smart washing machines know exactly what is needed.

Needless to say, this reduces expenditure on detergent, electricity, water usage, and the other resources required to run a commercial laundry. This also includes labour costs, which are likely to be one of your biggest expenses. This is because laundry automation reduces the need for certain types of labour, making your facility more profitable to run.

Laundry management is made easier with live monitoring and tracking

Another powerful benefit of smart washing machines is that they allow you to track performance and usage remotely, giving you access into the operating capacity of your commercial laundry. This is especially useful in instances where you’re managing multiple facilities and otherwise lack a comprehensive overview of your equipment.

They also improve efficiency. With smart washing machines, you have an idea of exactly what time each machine will complete its wash cycle. While this can be inferred from regular washers as well, their smart counterparts allow you to plan ahead with greater ease and convenience – a necessity for any dynamic commercial laundry.

Smart washing machines provide actionable insights

When it comes to running a successful business, understanding internal challenges, areas for improvement, and strengths is important.

With smart washing machines, it becomes easier for you to get a basic understanding of your resource consumption and washing capacity – two factors crucial for optimising overall performance.

These devices alone, however, won’t allow you to access the full range of analytics you need to truly revolutionise your service delivery. This is only achievable by introducing a commercial laundry management system to your line of smart devices. Together, this all-inclusive laundry automation package will help you dive deep into almost every aspect of your operations and give you the pointers you need to increase efficiency, optimise resource usage, and improve your cost saving capabilities.

Smart washing machines are just the start

By investing in these devices, it also becomes easier for your commercial laundry to gradually evolve into a high-tech facility. With the emergence of newer forms of laundry technology, including a laundry robot that folds clothes, adapting to the challenges and demands of the market becomes easier.

The commercial laundry industry faces significant prospects for growth, especially in Australia. By leveraging the latest tools and solutions, honing in on the abundant opportunities in the market simply becomes business as usual.

Key takeaways

Smart washing machines are the talk of the industry, separating facilities struggling for survival and those dominating the market with ease and confidence.

By investing in laundry automation tools that make operations easier, you free yourself up for more strategic business planning and expansion. Allow your machines to take away the bulk of low-skilled operations off your mind – do what you do best with the best of laundry technology.

What else can smart washers and laundry automation do for me?

At Bundle Laundry, our business is to stay ahead of industry trends. Take a look at our previous post on smart washing and IoT, here.

You can also take a look at our laundry management solution – the perfect add-on to your smart washing machines!

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