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How BI software can improve commercial laundry productivity

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One of the biggest challenges for any commercial laundry is maintaining that balance between overseeing day-to-day operations and finding time to focus on the larger picture.

The average laundry manager has, quite literally, a laundry list of tasks to complete. There are employee rosters to manage, equipment to oversee, and customers to keep happy.

On top of that, there is the bigger picture, improving industrial laundry productivity takes meticulous planning, but where can laundry managers find the time and the tools to optimise and improve productivity? The solution can be found in business intelligence (BI) software such as Bundle IQ.

The connection between BI software and commercial laundry productivity

BI software can assist laundry managers in two ways. Optimise operations and discover new avenues of opportunity.

Optimising operations

BI software is built to track different KPIs and present the information on a single platform. For example, the laundry manager can track items and pieces in terms of weight, effectively reducing the degree of administrative work managers have to deal with on a regular basis. Less administration work means more efficient operations, which means higher productivity.

If laundry managers are working with multiple software packages (which is often the case), BI software can incorporate data from different sources and bring data analysis into a single platform, streamlining a complicated process. For example, the BI software, Bundle IQ can incorporate data from different Bundle software packages, making data collection, and analysis easier.

However, beyond reducing the scope of work involved, there is also the degree of insight generated using BI software. Laundry managers have the option to go beyond Excel sheets and rudimentary software to breakdown their information into more detail. Using BI software, laundry managers will gain a better understanding of how their business operates, making it much easier to finetune their operations with greater finesse.

Drawing up reports is one of the bigger administrative burdens managers face. However, with the right software, managers can simultaneously streamline and improve reporting procedures. BI software comes with a detailed, sophisticated dashboard that makes the process of compiling reports much easier to complete, which can help with planning, should managers be looking to make improvements to the way their business operates.

Transforming business processes

There are occasions when managers need to make adjustments to ongoing processes. This can happen because there is a recurrent problem hampering productivity and service. However, to make these changes, managers need a solid set of data to better understand the problem and devise a solution that works. BI software can work by bringing a holistic perspective to commercial laundry operations.

Previously, laundry managers would have to monitor multiple different programs to understand business performance. Unfortunately, this method of analysis was flawed because departments were isolated from each other. However, with BI software, it becomes much easier to breakdown these barriers, when that happens, managers have the capacity to make significant changes to operations.

By using BI software, laundry managers have the potential to breakdown information from across the different departments to make some truly transformative analysis, making it so much easier to discover the underlying trends that define commercial laundry. For example, managers can study data based on employee performance, operating costs, and customers to see if there is a connection between the three areas.

With this level of analysis, it becomes much easier to discover underlying trends or undiscovered opportunities that could lead to a fortuitous path down the line. It also provides ample evidence of what needs to be changed or adjusted. The wealth of information ensures that laundry managers are making strategic changes that are bound to have a positive impact on productivity and operational efficiency.

The ability to refine operational procedures and transform business processes where necessary is one of the ways managers can improve productivity in industrial laundry. BI software gives laundry managers the ability to adjust processes that will improve productivity and streamline costs where necessary.

Refining processes with the right software

Commercial laundry managers are facing a lot of challenges in the form of water restrictions and stiff competition. Business intelligence software that could aid process optimisation and transformation will be a significant asset going forward.

This is where BI software, like Bundle IQ, can help commercial laundry businesses. The software is designed to optimise several procedures, including item tracking and employee management. It can even integrate with several data sources, like Bundle Connect and Worx, to help with operational analysis.

If you would like to know more about improving commercial laundry processes visit our website for more information.

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