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What was the state of the commercial laundry industry in Australia before the pandemic?

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The commercial laundry industry in Australia has struggled to maintain a consistent level of growth and momentum due to the regressive effects of the pandemic. We explore how the industry can overcome this problem with productivity software for commercial laundries.

How did the commercial laundry industry perform before the pandemic?

A market research report on commercial laundries in Australia showed that the industry performed well in the years leading up to the pandemic. 

Improved accommodation and healthcare provider conditions, expansion in the health and hospitality sector, and greater demand for hospital beds were some of the factors driving this growth.

The report also identified the most important key success factors for commercial laundromats such as:

  • Proximity to key markets
  • Ability to control stock on hand
  • Use of specialist equipment or facilities

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the industry? 

The pandemic had hampered the momentum set by the commercial laundry industry. 

Demand—and subsequently revenue—declined moderately during 2019 and 2020, although demand from medical organisations remained stable for the year. 

However, demand from accommodation and food services providers had declined by large margins, which would have mitigated any potential gains from hospital laundry. 

The decline in revenue led to a decline in employment, forcing commercial laundries to maintain a steady production line with a limited workforce.

How can productivity software for commercial laundries resolve the problem? 

Given the challenges facing commercial laundries, the best course of action is to reduce the cost of doing business and ensure that operations are completed at a lower cost. 

By leveraging productive software for commercial laundries, businesses can perform the following operations: 

  • Track items processed in terms of weight and pieces
  • Track desired revenue budgets and targets
  • Maintain stock and inventory to avoid product shortages and overstock
  • Identify equipment productivity issues and inefficiencies
  • Review individual operator performance against production targets
  • Measure performance against real-time indicators

With these features, commercial laundries can optimise several critical procedures, such as linen counting and equipment maintenance, to reduce the cost of operations and ensure that work is done more efficiently. 

By reducing the cost of operations and improving productivity, organisations will have an easier time adapting to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. 

What is the future of the commercial laundry industry? 

Research reports show that the commercial laundry industry will eventually recover from the setback brought on by the pandemic. 

However, to work around the challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic, they need to adopt a different approach to conducting business. 

Productivity software for commercial laundries allows businesses to optimise operations to reduce the cost of doing business. 

Furthermore, they are also creating a more agile supply chain, which can help drive productivity even during tough times. 

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