January 5

Key Success Factors for Australian Commercial Laundries



A recent market research report on Commercial Laundries in Australia published by IBISWorld, showed that the commercial laundromat industry has performed well over the past five years and forecast to still grow. The growth is mainly due to the improving accommodation and healthcare provider conditions, expansion in health and hospitality sector and greater demand for hospital and aged-care beds.

The report also identified the most important Key Success Factors for Commercial Laundromat as:

• Proximity to key markets
• Ability to control stock on hand
• Use of specialist equipment or facilities

As a market leading productivity software for commercial laundries having dealt with laundries on a daily basis over 15 years, we strongly believe the importance of controlling stock and production. Bundle’s laundry software allows you to monitor the whole laundry production process under one integrated real-time system, hence giving transparency to all working units and making sure you meet your customers’ orders at all time.

Please contact our team if you’re interested to learn more on how we have helped many commercial laundries to overcome their everyday challenges.

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