February 17

How to improve your business using commercial laundry software

Laundry Operations


Cloud-based commercial laundry software can help transform business operations for the better. Commercial laundry businesses are fraught with complex operations that involve multiple stages from washing to order completion to storage.

The multi-step process is inefficient, unproductive, and costly. Linen can go unaccounted for, misunderstandings can occur, and it can be very difficult to track the overall quality of business operations. This is where a cloud-based commercial laundry solution is quickly becoming a critical business tool.

Using cloud based software to optimise operations

Cloud-based software can help transform operations by providing a level of transparency that has not been possible before. Thanks to cloud-based commercial laundry software, you will have an easier time overseeing the production facility, from the moment linen is brought in to the time it is ready to return to the client.

Cloud-based software can help you oversee the entire production facility because of its connection to the network. A network that can connect several IoT sensors and give you a streamlined view of overall operations. Sensors on commercial laundry washing machines and GPS sensors on delivery trucks are all connected to a single network, making it so much easier to study operations.

You can use cloud-based software to determine the quality of operations or break it down to get more precise measurements on how services are performing. There is also the question of real-time data. With cloud-based commercial laundry software connecting to different sensors, the software collects a steady stream of data.

Cloud-based software can optimise tedious operations. One example is counting linen, this is a tedious operation that staff can get wrong. However, with cloud-based software, you can automate the process to complete the process faster and reduce operating costs

Cloud-based software provides real-time feedback

The data provides real-time feedback on the current status of operations. Cloud-based software can help you optimise processes and improve oversight into commercial laundry operations. One example is linen tracking, because entire trolleys of linen can go missing in the process. One option is to monitor their use and movement with RFID technology.

RFID can track each piece of linen and feed the information into cloud-based software. When that happens, you can get an accurate, real-time count of where linen is going. Real-time data is invaluable for transforming processes. It provides the necessary insight into the current mode of operations and improves understanding of how the commercial laundry is performing. This makes it easier to see where operations are falling short and what to do about it.

You can set realistic benchmarks

Have you ever tried to set benchmarks for the coming quarter only to find yourself disappointed when the business fell short? While setting benchmarks and improvements is necessary, we need to set realistic targets. Targets we know our commercial laundry business can hit, without hitting resource constraints or pushing beyond a realistic capacity.

There is also the importance of creating a culture of accountability. With staff so preoccupied with their daily duties, it can be very difficult for staff to see the bigger picture – that is, to see how their responsibilities contribute to overall company operations. When that happens, negligence can creep in.

Once again cloud-based commercial laundry software can provide a solution, albeit, in an unorthodox way. Cloud-based commercial laundry software can collect and analyse data based on staff performance.

The data can be relayed to staff through easy-to-read KPIs. Seeing how they perform would give staff an understanding of where they stand. You can use this information to encourage staff to perform better.

“Competition breeds excellence” is a common saying for a reason – you can use the data to compare team performance, encouraging staff to be even better than they were and create a culture of accountability.

Furthermore, it is important to note that cloud-based software is more affordable, compared to other forms of software. While on-premise software has its benefits, there are some drawbacks when it comes to operation costs. Investing in cloud-based software can be seen as an investment in the future. If you are planning to expand operations, a bigger team or more equipment will generate more data. However, cloud-based software can easily meet this expansion in data, so you don’t have to worry about changing it in the future.

Transforming business operations for the better

Improving business operations is a huge challenge for any manager, especially if they lack the necessary insight into operations. However, by using cloud-based commercial laundry software, we can create a more innovative, transparent business.

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