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How a cloud laundry management system can help you during COVID-19

Laundry Operations


pandemic has hit the Textile Rental and Commercial laundry industry hard. Many
businesses have closed, while some are in a state of partial closure. Those who
have managed to keep their doors open have seen demand fall significantly, especially
where these launderers were dependent on the food and beverage and the
accommodation sectors.

there is no denying that the industry is undergoing some hard times, this could
be seen as a chance to examine operational capacity, make meaningful changes,
and prepare for the future.

on your business. That’s why we are offering commercial laundries, that have
been affected by COVID-19, completely free set up of Bundle Connect – you don’t
pay a cent until you start using the platform commercially!

What can commercial laundries do
during this time?

is no denying that these are tough times for commercial laundries, and while
there is no doubt that the pandemic will be brought under control, that time
could be a long way off. 

unlikely as it seems, now is the perfect opportunity for businesses to
critically examine their business operations and to plan for their future.
Customers will return in time, but will your business be in a position to
receive them in the new world? Will you be refreshed and rearing to go with
systems and processes that work well for both you and your customer?

digital transformation could be one of the best means to overhaul and improve
your business. Whether you are planning to expand into new markets, raise
revenue, improve your invoicing processes, or track textiles better,
strengthening your technological infrastructure can help you accomplish these
objectives and more.

help you along with the digital transformation, we are offering free setup of
our cloud-based laundry management solution, Bundle Connect.

What can Bundle Connect do for you?

Connect is a cloud laundry management system that can help businesses improve
their operations to save time and money. The management system is designed to
streamline invoicing, packing and ordering processes to help you reduce costs
and improve production efficiency.

With Bundle Connect, you have the opportunity to automate most manual administrative processes connected with customers, orders, deliveries and invoices. Automating these tasks would be a tremendous cost-saver and improve accuracy by a considerable margin.

when processes are automated, there is a chance of converting variable
processes into standardised processes, which means, fewer chances of errors
being made. Besides automating processes, it’s possible to improve customer
service using Bundle Connect. The system features a dedicated customer portal,
to help you better manage your customers.

By automating most manual administrative processes, you are free to spend more time on important tasks, like improving your relationship with customers, and building trust that will lead to a long, productive relationship.

Bundle Connect, businesses can start generating and using data. Cloud-based
systems like ours allow you to get deeper insight into specific operations,
breaking them down into the smallest variable you deem relevant, so that
analysis is not only deeper but much easier to do, as well.

data produced from Bundle Connect gives you a firm foundation for well-informed
decision-making, something we could all use during this time! With Bundle
Connect, you will have accurate data and information for daily production
demand reports that adjust in real-time as orders are packed.

investing in a cloud-based laundry management system, like Bundle Connect, you
have the opportunity to transform business operations for the better. Bundle
Connect can give you the information and oversight you need to transform your
operations in any way you deem best for your business.

How to get started?

are tough, but now is the right time to redefine your business to cut costs and
increase profits. Consider the peace of mind you will get from cost savings,
time savings and accurate data. Think about how you can standardise processes
and remove errors, improving productivity and efficiency.

All of this is possible with Bundle Connect. If you’re committed to your business for the long haul, you can sign up for Bundle Connect for free, today.


Cloud Laundry Management, COVID-19 Update

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