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The latest updates to Bundle Australia – October 2018



With our industry in a perpetual state of change, constant technological development is of the utmost importance. That’s why, here at Bundle Australia, we are always looking to improve our platforms, with the ultimate goal of driving unprecedented value to your business. 

It’s with this in mind that our team develops frequent updates to our solutions – building on an already substantial portfolio of products and functionality. In this regard, we recently launched several new core updates, with greater functionality and convenience for professionals in our industry.  

Our recent enhancements give our customers options to use different pricing models for individual customers including charging by the piece, by the weight and by the period, along with facilitating department-specific order management and invoicing. The latest Bundle Laundry updates are tailored to answering calls by our community of users while ensuring enhanced user experience. 

In the following sections, we highlight two of the core updates that we recently rolled out, exploring how and why they add value to your commercial laundry operations. 

Charge by weight – in addition to quantity 

Up until now, the Bundle Laundry platform only allowed our users to charge their customers based on the quantity of laundry items delivered to a customer. 

Your business, however, requires a greater flexibility in this area in order to charge each customer based on how they what to be invoiced. With this in mind, we redesigned our solution to allow you to issue invoices based on the weight of laundry delivered. 

Given that handling multiple laundry items that aren’t necessarily large in quantity or numbers, despite weighing a significant amount, is common in the industry and we sought to make our solutions more flexible and hence profitable for all commercial laundries.  

We recognise that there are many orders that require far more resources than just large quantity orders. From greater energy consumption to the use of additional chemicals, we’ve kept these requirements in mind with this new functionality to allow you to invoice your customers based on the total weight of each delivery. 

With this new update, therefore, you can now choose to charge businesses based on quantity or weight – whichever option is the most practical for your laundry. 

Assigning orders to levels and departments 

Commercial laundries management large clients with complex operations of their own and in conversations with our customers, we’ve come to understand the need for your company to have different billing requirements across multiple departments – who, on their own, have their own specific requirements. These individual requirements for each department/location would be better supported by allowing your clients to submit orders for each department/location, as opposed to their organisation as a whole. 

Not only does department specific ordering make services significantly more expedient and valuable, but it also helps your customer minimise costs. 

That’s why we’ve made it a priority to make sure that Bundle software is now equipped with the functionality required to give individual departments the ability to handle laundry orders as they require.  

The result? With Bundle’s software, your clients now have complete visibility into each department’s spending. 

Key takeaways 

Given that the demand for commercial laundry services is increasing, any management tool worth its money needs to empower you to cater to complex orders with greater ease, while still making money. 

It is for this purpose that we rolled out our recent updates; allowing your business to meet emerging challenges on the front foot. In this way, not only are operations rendered more efficient – you’re also able to meet customer needs in a more personalised manner. 

Choose Bundle software today to optimise your service delivery and transform into an industry leader

We are constantly innovating and updating our software. If you’d like to stay informed, be sure to check out our blog series and keep your eyes on your inbox for the latest updates from our team.

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