March 25


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For 25 years, RFID promised the laundry industry the holy grail for textile management. 

The potential of RFID technology has long been evident because of its ability to track laundry assets across a large space without extensive busy work required.

However, Bundle Track Laundry inventory management solution delivers on those promises. 

What is Bundle Track – Laundry tracking management software?

Together with our RFID and software partners, Bundle Track has developed a range of RFID solutions to allow commercial laundries to track individual items as they are returned, soiled, processed, and dispatched clean.

We also work with Datamars, a global market leader with over 1000 clients in 24 countries and over 75 million chips, to assist in the RFID tags, readers, and antennas for textile identification to ensure that you are getting state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line RFID readers. 

Converting your linen count into a streamlined process is critical for reducing costs, driving up revenue, and keeping customers happy! 

In the textile market, where fast and accurate identification has become a prerequisite for competitiveness, Bundle Track RFID has established itself as the only proven technology solution to track individual items through the laundry process.

What are the challenges we resolve? 

  • Significant inventory loss and poor stock purchases.
  • Inefficiency in laundry tracking and cost overruns.
  • Wastage of time due to manual counting.
  • Inaccurate linen count can compromise business accuracy.
  • Difficulty in delivering accurate reports on textiles and trolleys.
  • Accurately invoicing linen is challenging without extensive rechecks and verification. 
  • Poor linen stock rotation rates.
  • Maintaining transparency throughout the linen lifecycle.

What makes Bundle Track RFID unique?

Bundle Track RFID solutions offer the unique opportunity to tag each item so that, at any time, you know where that item is, where it has been, how times it has been washed and how much longer you expect it to be in use. 

By using RFID, Bundle Track RFID allows you to bulk process and then sort each item to improve tracking and management. 

However, the Bundle Track laundry inventory management solution goes the extra step.

We not only relay the location of the linen but also have the unique ability to guarantee the items your customer has given you and that you have given them back. 

What are the benefits accrued to you? 

Our laundry management solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Customer accountability and transparency for textiles and trolleys
  • Ability to invoice for lost linen and increase stock rotation
  • Asset visibility from purchase to rag-out
  • Track all events through the life cycle of each item
  • Increase in productivity at the laundry and the customer sites
  • Full laundry equipment integration for processing and sorting of textiles
  • Accurate reporting with improved transparency and decision making
  • Significant decline in inventory loss in and subsequent stock purchases
  • Live laundry and customer reports are available online

What types of linen can be tracked? 

With Bundle Track, you can track the different types of linen:

  • Flatwork – sheets, towels, blankets, table linen etc
  • Work Wear – overalls and uniforms
  • Personal Wear – aged care and boarding schools
  • Clean Room – food, medical, laboratories etc

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