March 21

Laundry Trolley Tracking

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Are you tired of replacing expensive laundry trolleys? At Bundle Laundry, we understand that losing your laundry trolleys is a frustrating experience because it leads to several problems. 

Losing one trolley can drive up costs when you replace them, waste on finding a missing trolley, and hamper your team’s productivity because you waste time finding them.

Moreover, tracking key measures accurately will be difficult, which could affect your commercial laundry’s ability to track inventory accurately to determine targets to avoid product shortages and overstocking. 

But, with Bundle Track – laundry inventory management, you can easily keep track of all your laundry trolleys in real-time, so you know where each trolley is without wasting time tracking lost trolleys. 

Keep track of all your assets to reduce costs, double team productivity, and maintain a reliable record of all your assets. 

Fortunately, there is an easy way to resolve this problem – The UHF TrolleyChip (T-TC900).

What does the new laundry tracking chip do?

The new UHF TrolleyChip is part of our complete UHF transponder range for commercial laundries that can help you track your linen throughout the laundry. 

Retex is proud to offer the new UHF TrolleyChip to track laundry trolleys and bins, so you never lose another trolley again. 

Thanks to its robust design, the tag can be easily attached to metal trolleys and offers unprecedented reading performance to give you instant feedback on each trolley’s location without spending time and effort searching for them. 

Moreover, the trolly chip has unique laser etching that allows for a personalised laundry name and trolley reference. 

By using the unique trolley reference number registered on our leading TRACK software, your operator can visually check each trolley against dispatch dockets and stock reports. 

Moreover, trolleys can now be included in your onsite stocktakes using the Retex Handheld UHF RFID readers in conjunction with our TRACK software.

The TRACK software helps you keep count of all client laundry to convert laundry management into a simple and efficient process. 

Unlike legacy applications, the software uses modern technology such as BI to perform more advanced operations with a level of ease and efficiency that legacy applications cannot match. For example, you can successfully leverage a variety of data endpoints to track laundry in real-time. 

With this Bundle Laundry Track – laundry inventory management solution, you can convert laundry trolley tracking into a computer-driven process to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency and productivity while reducing your workload. 

What are the features does the Bundle Track – laundry inventory management

• High-performance RFID transponder to track laundry trolleys.

• Durable hand-held devices suitable for heavy use over time.

• Ergonomic hand-helds that can easily attach to trolleys with screws or rivets.

• Solid but flexible surface to etch laundry name and asset number for ID.

• Fully ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class 1 (Gen 2) compliant technology.

• Stability in high temperature and when pressure washing.

How does laundry trolley tracker technology benefit inventory management? 

• Ensure that commercial laundry trolleys remain within your premises at all times.

• Maintain an accurate and real-time count of your critical commercial laundry assets.

• Optimise commercial laundry inventory tracking to save time and improve productivity. 

• Reduce the cost of managing laundry inventory and make it a more productive process.

• Discover new opportunities for growth and optimisation using the tracking transponder.

Use the latest laundry tracking chip to keep track of all your trolleys.

Save your trolleys with Bundle Laundry

Bundle Laundry is committed to helping you track your most precious laundry assets. Save time and money and build a fantastic relationship with your clients using innovative technology. Use our laundry tracking chips and commercial laundry software to create a more efficient, profitable commercial laundry business.

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