March 20

Heat Sealable UHF Transponder (RFID Chip)



No need for sewing or an additional heat seal label.

One of the most common questions we are asked, is ‘’How do we attach the chips to the existing textiles”? At Retex we have introduced a heat sealable UHF transponder to our range. These RFID chips are attached directly to the textile without having to first place it under a heat seal or thermal label. This innovation removes the cost of purchasing additional thermal labels, is faster and more simple to attach to the textile and saves time, money and reduces chip adhesion failures. The heat seal transponder is ideally suited to use in industrial workwear, garments and linen – particularly where it has not been previously been possible to attach a transponder into the hem at the time of manufacture. The Heat seal transponder can be heat-sealed directly onto the textile at 204°C/399°F for 15 seconds.

Customer benefits:
• Increased read distance (up to 4 meters).
• Especially designed for workwear uniforms but can be used on linen etc.
• Soft, extremely thin yet robust transponder that reduces risk of textile wear-out.
• Fast and easy to attach to the textile.
• Suitable for dry cleaning and vulcanization processes.
• Fully ISO/IEC 18000-6C compatible transponder.

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