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How Bundle Connect can help you reduce administration costs

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With commercial laundry business costs rising, it has become critical for managers to reduce the cost of operating their business. 

In cost reduction initiatives, administrative expenses catch the eye because it is hard to justify their value. Unlike other operations where the cost is offset by the value they generate, administration refers to managerial operations which makes it hard to find business value.

However, reducing administration is not a straightforward endeavour because they are still critical for keeping the commercial laundry business running like a well-maintained machine. 

How can you reduce administrative costs without cutting down on the scope of essential operations? This is where Bunde Connect can help. 

Reduce administrative costs and address management pains with Bundle Connect

To reduce administrative costs without compromising the scope of operations, you need to reconsider the time and effort needed to complete them. 

Fortunately, certain administrative expenses are semi-variable, such as invoice management and order processing, meaning you can reduce the number of resources needed to complete them. 

But how does one reduce administration costs? Bundle Connect can streamline several administrative operations to reduce the time and resources required for administration and management.

When using manual methods to complete invoice management or registering orders, the process can be lengthy and prone to errors, making it hard to perform on schedule. 

But Bundle Connect can automate these processes, reducing the time and resources you need to devote to administration, and therefore, turning them into nimble, agile processes that can be completed on time and within a tight budget. 

Here are some ways to reduce the cost of administration using Bundle Connect. 

Streamlining finance and invoice management with Bundle Connect

Turning invoice management into an efficient operation seems like an impossible task, especially when dealing with several clients.  

However, Bundle Connect can reduce the time and effort needed to invoicing management by removing the tedious steps that turn it into a bloated affair. 

For example, when dispatching orders to your clients, you have to manually update your spreadsheet with the relevant information, which takes a lot of time. 

Bundle Connect optimises this process with a separate invoice section that provides a tab for pending orders, which is automatically updated after orders are dispatched. You can even filter orders based on factors such as data and billing categories. Furthermore, you can export the information to your CSV, effectively reducing resources dedicated to invoice management. 

Handling and processing orders with Bundle Connect

Handling and processing orders contribute to the expense column of the budget sheet because they take a long time to complete, and if there is a mistake, it can take time to rectify.

Bunde Connect can convert this expense-inducing operation into a streamlined, efficient operation. 

The Bundle Connect system features the “orders” section, consisting of filters and three tabs. The three tabs allow you to divide client orders into “new” and “pending” orders for easy tracking and processing. With each tab, you can assess the name of each client and the quantity of the order.  

Furthermore, you can filter orders based on different variables such as date range (when the order is completed), route (where the order should be delivered), and client name to ease client management.  

The system organises information in this way to optimise order processing along with other critical operations such as delivery. 

You can even streamline time-consuming procedures, such as creating new orders with the Bundle Connect system. Select a customer’s name along with a delivery date, then add an order number to create the new order; the system will register the new entry immediately. 

Reducing the cost of running a commercial laundry business

Between rising costs and stringent health regulations, the cost of operating a commercial laundry continues to grow. However, you can offset these high operating costs by reducing the scope and scale of administrative costs. 

Fortunately, you can reduce administrative costs because the efficiency of administration often lies in the technology that powers it.

This is where Bundle Connect can prove useful to you; the system was designed to specifically address the problems you might face when completing administration duties in your commercial laundry business. 

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