Bundle Worx is a smart productivity and utility management system giving real-time reporting and monitoring.

Is a real-time production management system “targeting a laundry company’s largest costs – labour, equipment & utilities.”

Using this application your team can;

  • monitor and improve operator efficiency
  • maximise equipment utilisation
  • accurately determine product processing efficiency
  • automate utility tracking

In today’s competitive market, labour costs are the most critical KPI for any laundry.

Bundle WORX is an extension of Bundle’s Linen Management modules. Production WORX provides a visualisation framework of data management, surveillance and analysis tools to deliver staff, supervisors, production and engineering managers’ immediate actionable information.

  • Staff have high visibility real time performance indicators displayed to promote efficient productivity.
  • Management Dashboard Screens for both real time performance and shift / date range reporting for total plant or individual machines.
  • Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Monitoring Staff Efficiency in Real Time

Bundle’s Production Module provides a further piece of the business puzzle to deliver your total ……..

“ Laundry Information Management Solution ”.