November 17

Bundle Worx Introduces Multi-Site Reporting

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At Bundle Australia, our real-time production management system – Bundle Worx – is an irreplaceable solution for commercial laundries pursuing cost-efficient operations. 

Bundle Worx is a real-time production management system dedicated to addressing a commercial laundry’s biggest costs – labour, utilities and equipment. This solution improves processing output and maximises return on equipment investment and utility usage. 

Given our commitment to constant improvement, we recently released to Bundle Worx, the ability to provide a multi-site dashboard and reporting features – a functionality designed specifically for commercial laundries with multiple processing sites. 

With this feature, you can now monitor and improve operator efficiency, maximise equipment utilisation, and determine product processing efficiency across multiple sites all from one dashboard. 

With this functionality in-hand, therefore, what can commercial laundries, such as yours, anticipate with our new update? Our blog below takes a look. 

Monitor and improve operator efficiency 

One of the most important features you can now leverage is the ability to monitor and improve operator efficiency remotely.  

For commercial laundries that have operational bases in multiple locations, this allows your managers to track and make productivity improvements in individual sites. This can be done instantly, instead of at the end of a quarter or every year – given the real-time data available. It also gives your managers the ability to run operations remotely. 

Maximise equipment utilisation 

In order to ensure that every mechanical investment yields a high return, the new Bundle Worx multi-site reporting feature allows operators to maximise equipment utilisation.  

With this update, you can now access in-depth overviews of all machines at your disposal.

From running time to wash schedules, this feature gives you actionable insights that prove critical to running efficient operations. In this way, you can guarantee that all hardware is utilised in the most optimum manner, ensuring that linen is laundered like clockwork from start to finish. 

Determine product processing efficiency 

Similar to equipment utilisation, our new update also gives you a look at the processing efficiency of your products. 

Through our recently launched multi-site reporting feature you can now adopt a data-driven approach to choosing which products to process on which equipment at what times of the day and allowing your laundry to deliver productivity at it most efficient configuration. 

Monitor total utility usage on a single platform 

With this update, another capability that will prove invaluable to your budgeting process and laundry management is the ability to monitor all utility usage on a single platform.  

Beyond making financial and operational planning more expedient, this gives you an overview of the consumption patterns of your organisation. It also allows you to identify which sites are performing at a peak level and which require efficiency improvements.

This way, you ensure that you’re always diverting resources to the right areas of your business. 

Key takeaways – the latest production management system update 

Bundle Worx’s new multi-site reporting feature now allows your commercial laundry to minimise costs, optimise resource utilisation and equipment use, and make unparalleled efficiency improvements. 

By leveraging our production management tool and diving into the inner workings of your business, unleash your potential and drive revenue and growth without breaking a sweat!

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