November 29

Commercial Laundry Problems – How do Operators Solve Common Challenges?

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With the commercial laundry sector experiencing rapid growth and expansion, certain roadblocks are all a part of the game. In this context, these comprise the common laundry problems operators and clients face in this billion-dollar industry

From the lower quality of service provided as a result of outsourced operations to the difficulty in retaining skilled labour, both commercial operators and their clients run into certain difficulties from time to time.

On that note, our blog this week takes a look at some of the most persistent laundry problems in the commercial sector. Continue reading to find out what these are and how they can be solved!

Rising energy costs

A stumbling block common to just about every industry is the phenomenon of rising energy costs. Given that commercial laundries are heavily reliant on water, heat, and electricity for their operations, this adds up to heavy expenditure for operators.

Added to this is the fact that many businesses still rely on outdated washers and dryers, most of which are unquestionably inefficient in terms of water and electrical consumption.

While investing in newer technology and renewable energy sources, such as those we’ve outlined in our previous blogs, can be expensive, these are long-term investments that can save businesses thousands of dollars every year.

Stiff competition

Given the exponential rate at which the commercial laundry sector has grown over the last few years, strong competition is part and parcel of this success.

That being said, this can prove troublesome for operators who find it hard to keep costs and pricing low for the more competitive service deliveries. Further, competition doesn’t only stem from other commercial laundry operators – the disposable linen industry, dry-cleaners, and on-premise laundries also threaten the profits and business opportunities enjoyed by these service providers.

In this regard, such laundries need to find a way to not just convince customers they’re irreplaceable but also offer exceptional cleaning services.

Shortage of skilled labour

Another significant laundry problem for those who run commercial operations is the shortage of skilled labour.

Even in laundries where high-tech washers and dryers are employed, a certain degree of human effort is required to complete the cleaning process. Beyond employees to operate the machines, however, human resources are also required to attend to other areas of operation.

In order to retain these workers, higher pay is required, so that all components of commercial laundries can run smoothly. Until employers are able to offer competitive compensation, businesses may find that skilled employees, who can contribute meaningfully to the laundering process, are hard to come by.

Outsourcing operations

One particular practice that exists in the market is the outsourcing of cleaning activities to other businesses. This is because certain laundries simply act as aggregators, outsourcing parts of their operations to dry-cleaners or other small-scale washers in their area.

While this represents significant cost savings for commercial laundry operators, it does pose certain challenges for end customers. With these practices, commercial clients may find that their linen is not cleaned up to standard, which can prove problematic given the nature of the industries certain clients operate in.

In this regard, companies from the healthcare and hospitality industries may experience certain setbacks if linen is not laundered up to mark.

Key takeaways

Like most other industries, commercial laundry problems pose certain challenges to the maintenance of efficient operations. While most of these are by no means, insurmountable, they can prove tough to tackle without the right tools and strategies.

By paying careful attention and solving these challenges with progressive thinking and innovation, enjoying high levels of profit and success through efficient commercial laundry operations is now more achievable than ever! 

Tired of dealing with all kinds of commercial laundry problems? 

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