September 4

Texcare Asia 2019: Bundle Laundry to present its’ textile management solutions



Being in the business of providing commercial laundries with the tools and solutions to dramatically transform their productivity, our goal has always been to help laundries around the world reach their full potential.

This year, our mission to reach new markets has continued with another exciting international platform. At Texcare 2019, we will be presenting our range of leading-edge commercial laundry management and RFID technology solutions to more businesses in the industry.

Taking place in the beautiful and historic city of Shanghai, this year’s event will bring industry leaders to China for a mass exchange of ideas and solutions for the laundry industry. Catch us there and register for Texcare 2019 today!

Bundle Laundry: Providing cutting-edge commercial laundry solutions

At Bundle Laundry, we offer commercial laundries a range of management solutions that ultimately guarantee one thing: Greater control over productivity of laundry operations.

This is no truer than when it comes to textile management – Bundle Connect and Bundle Track, our laundry and RFID inventory solutions. In recent years, Radio Frequency Identification has changed the way laundries operate and have solved one of the most common (and most challenging) issues they face: Inventory control.

Either when used in tandem or in isolation, these solutions help you identify individual laundry items and track them wherever they are. This is especially useful for commercial laundries that rent out their linen to their clients including those in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

Ultimately, you know exactly where your linen is, preventing the loss or misplacement (imagine delivering the wrong linen to the wrong client!) of your linen.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how our range of laundry management solutions aid your inventory control efforts. Beyond this, our software gives you greater control over other variables including employee management, equipment utilisation, customer management, delivery, and so much more!

These are some of the main solutions we will be presenting at this year’s Texcare event. For a look at our other solutions, head over to our website or drop us an inquiry.

Texcare 2019: An international platform for businesses in the laundry industry

Described as a ‘highly specialised trade fair for modern textile care’, Texcare provides businesses in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry with the opportunity to interact with other businesses and present their solutions to a targeted audience on a global scale.

Vendors can present their solutions, covering a range of products and services that cover laundry, ironing, dry-cleaning, dyeing machinery and agents, equipment, textile and accessories, measuring equipment and more to participating guests.

This year, innovations in environmental protection and recycling will be introduced, giving laundries and related facilities the chance to embrace greener practices and operations.

With over 25,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors expected this year, there’s more to Texcare than a glorified market space for textile care products and services. In fact, the fringe events organised, including the International Laundry Industry Summit and the China Laundry and Dyeing Industry Awards, may just be the stars of the show.

Catch us at Texcare under the big ‘RFID HUB’ sign for a glimpse at some of the finest laundry automation you’ve ever seen

The future of the laundry industry has already arrived. In the absence of automation, businesses in this industry will soon find that it’s increasingly hard to compete, or even lift their head, against the wave of technology sweeping through this sector.

Here, comprehensive management solutions driven by insights and automation can be the cornerstone of your entire business. This is exactly what we will present this year, at Texcare.

Catch us at the event by signing up at this link:!

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