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How do External Laundries Reduce Hotel Laundry Costs?

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When it comes to running a hotel, keeping costs low while providing exceptional service is often an ideal that many strive to achieve. While a number of steps are undertaken to maintain cost-efficient operations, cutting down on hotel laundry costs remains one of the most substantial areas for improvement. 

In this regard, did you know that procuring external service providers, such as commercial laundries, can reduce cost exponentially? Is that too good to be true? 

From ensuring a longer lifespan of hotel linen to money saved on laundry equipment, our blog this week dives into how commercial laundries can cut down on hotel laundry costs. Continue reading to find out more!

Internal labour costs are reduced 

Personnel costs often represent a huge area of expenditure for hotels and similar establishments in the hospitality industry.  

By choosing commercial laundries, hotels can reduce some of these costs given that a dedicated laundry team may no longer be required. As linen and all other garments from the premises are sent to external laundry facilities, labour costs pertaining to the entire washing process can be eliminated almost completely. 

In this way, hotel laundry costs can be cut. In their place, more cost-efficient cleaning services can be procured. 

Commercial laundries improve linen lifespan 

Another speciality most commercial laundries boast is their ability to clean thoroughly without damaging hotel linen in any way.  

This knowledge may not be something that hotel staff possess, especially those that find themselves slotted for laundry service periodically. Commercial laundry staff, however, specialise in cleaning linen gently, following best practices in the industry. 

In this regard, these businesses cut down on hotel laundry costs by ensuring that the linen enjoys a long lifespan. From using the right water temperature, the right amounts of detergent, and passing items through the optimum number of wash cycles, hotels will find their linen not just cleaned, but also maintained for many years of use.  

Beyond best practices, however, such laundries also employ top-of-the-line washer and dryer technology – equipment, which many hotels may not see the value of. These often include energy-efficient machines that reduce hotel laundry costs even further. 

Costs relating to space and equipment is eliminated 

Another way in which commercial laundries can minimise hotel laundry costs is by eliminating the need to maintain an internal laundry space with the requisite washing equipment.  

While many hotels maintain such facilities to provide in-house laundering, maintaining such resources can often prove burdensome, especially when occupancy rates are low or guests don’t utilise these services.  

Even in establishments that use these facilities every day, external service providers can still do it better – lower costs included! This is because commercial laundries specialise in these types of services and are, therefore, able to perform this job more efficiently and with greater skill. 

Utility-based hotel laundry costs are reduced  

Beyond space and equipment itself, hotels can cut costs in numerous other areas when procuring the services of commercial laundries.  

This primarily includes utility costs that cover the heavy load of electricity, water, and gas consumed by washing devices. Unsurprisingly, these can rack up significant expenditure for hotels, especially when employees don’t know the appropriate laundry load per washer/dryer or what the best kind of detergent is, which, in turn, can harm the environment. 

Key takeaways 

Hotel laundry costs can prove onerous for establishments that don’t have the right knowledge, equipment, and trained personnel.  

Even in instances where all these prerequisites are met, commercial laundry services allow hotel managers to cut down on cost significantly, without compromising on quality cleaning. In this regard, not only is the nightmare of thorough laundering dispelled – hotel operators can also enjoy lower costs pertaining to personnel, equipment, and utilities.  

For more insights on how commercial laundries can slash hotel laundry costs, head to the Bundle Laundryblog today!

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