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Improve customer service in your commercial laundry business by making it more precise and effective

Customer service


Improve customer service in your commercial laundry business by making it more precise and effective

What will make your commercial laundry business successful in the future? While we have talked in the past about optimising operating costs to improve ROI, there is another important factor we must take into account: the quality of customer service.

With the medical and hospitality industry coming under severe strain, the need for suppliers who can help them perform their jobs efficiently and promptly has increased.

But, how do you improve customer service? One solution is to turn it into a more efficient operation where your clients get what they need on time, without extra effort on their part.

Why your commercial laundry business should focus on improving customer service

Investing in better customer service raises ROI in your commercial laundry business. Studies show that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer service, meaning there is an opportunity to increase ROI per customer.

Furthermore, better customer service helps you stay ahead of your competitors. 

Customer service will play an important role in improving customer retention. For many businesses, it will be the determining factor when choosing to work with a commercial laundry because businesses are particular about customer service standards.

According to Gartner’s research, over 77% of B2B buyers feel that making a purchase is a very complicated and time-consuming process. They require partners who can make service precise and efficient. 

If you can provide an exemplary level of service, you improve the value of your commercial laundry operations.

However, to turn customer service into a more efficient mechanism, you need to invest in the right tools; this is where Bundle Connect can help you. 

Bring precision to customer service with Bundle Connect

Here are some ways you can bring accuracy to client-facing operations using Bundle Connect. 

Develop a better understanding of your customers 

The secret to proper customer service lies in building a strong relationship with your clients. When you set yourself up as someone who understands their needs and wants, you are seen as a valued provider.

This is where Bundle Connect becomes valuable; you can use the system to create detailed profiles on your clients.  

Bundle Connect features a section where you store all the details on your customer. Using the Bundle Connect window, you can store customer information, contact details, and linen stock control for each client. 

The detailed customer profile can bring efficiency into customer service because you can perform several functions on a single window, making it easier to manage. You will also have all the information you need on your customers to deepen your business relationship with them.

Give your customers self-service options 

Incorporating self-service functions can improve customer service while making it far more efficient than before. Most of your clients are looking for ways to make customer service easier and automated options can make that goal a reality. 

Bundle Connect can help you extend these self-service options to your clients. The Customer window in the system allows you to invite clients to place orders when they need to. 

Select the Contacts tab to add the names and email addresses of professionals who will serve as your main point of contact with the client. These professionals can quickly set up their portal on Bundle Connect, allowing them to place orders whenever they require. 

Make internal customer management processes more efficient 

It is hard to provide efficient customer service when our internal processes are not optimised. 

Bundle Connect can bring efficiency and precision to customer service management by streamlining processes.

One example would be delivery; Bundle Connect can pull a client’s address directly from Google to make delivery more accurate and precise.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because the laundry management system can remove several inefficiencies to help you become more prompt and efficient in laundry management when managing customers.

Using the Stock tab in the Order window, you can coordinate laundry dispatches, manage your client orders, and arrange deliveries, so that they reach your client on time. 

Streamlining internal processes allows you to elevate service quality by bringing a level of precision and accuracy to processes that were not possible before. 

Fine-tuning your internal processes can help you improve ROI by providing additional value and reducing the cost of providing better service. 

Offer better quality customer service with the right solution

In the next few years, customer service will be the key factor that determines how many of your clients stay with you.

With businesses looking for customer service levels on par with B2C service, at least in terms of ease and accessibility, investing in systems that will improve customer service could make a significant difference to customer retention strategies and even winning over new customers. 

Bundle Connect can help you turn customer service into a more efficient function.

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