January 16

Challenges for Commercial Laundry Businesses 2018 – Bundle Connect



Challenges for Commercial Laundry Businesses 2018

For many commercial laundry businesses serving hotels, restaurants, hospitals, resorts and care facilities etc. It is crucial in ensuring that every towel and every sheet is catalogued, washed, pressed and returned to its customer, and managing this process has always been a challenge for laundry services.

How Bundle Connect transforms commerical laundry businesses? 

Bundle Connect allows complete visibility into the location of every item, at any time, as well as the ability to generate reports and dashboards for each level who’s managing the business.

Our laundry software also integrates with RFID technology allowing smart tags in every piece of linen to track the status of endless bed sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths, napkins and towels, which enables you to track the inventory, streamline operations and improve service at the same time.

There are much more that Bundle Connect offers to laundries including:

  • Stock and order management system to ensure enough inventory to meet the next customer’s order
  • Delivery tracking to trace delivery route and order arrival
  • Accurate invoicing and real-time reporting system
  • Easy to use platform interface
  • Laundry’s customers accessibility to their own orders, invoices and reports
  • Customizable apps to suit different laundry’s needs

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