The true cost of not investing in a laundry management system

Discover why commercial laundries would incur more operational costs without the convenience of a laundry management system streamlining laundry operations.


Explore how investing in a laundry asset management system can help you optimise your laundry monitoring process.

For many commercial laundries operating throughout Australia, the probability of picking up a larger customer base over time upon setting up their business isn’t out of reach. However, a large customer base does not automatically guarantee that the profits the commercial laundry makes will be in abundance—especially if the commercial laundry still depends on manual processes.

Without the right technology, managing an expanding volume of linen orders can be taxing for both linen managers and the employees handling them. As they dedicate more time to ensure a faultless linen handling process, such a workforce will be compromising their productivity levels, which may result in them experiencing burnout.

This could lead to a greater chance of human-related errors, processing mistakes, or other issues which can be detrimental to the commercial laundry’s profit-making abilities. Some costly errors caused by manual linen handling include incorrectly counting linen items, misplacing linen items, losing linen due to theft, and not utilising linen items to their best potential to preserve the lifespan of linen materials.

In fact, linen loss, while not necessarily linked to theft, could also be attributed to poor utilisation, which halves or shortens its lifespan. In the US, 90% of hospitals do not reach their useful life, and this costs the healthcare industry a whopping $840 million annually. To prevent this from happening, commercial laundry owners should consider investing in a laundry management system.

With its multifaceted features, this software can help laundries streamline operations, reduce their operational costs, and boost overall ROI.

Commercial linen rentals serve many customers on a daily basis. As such, it is important that their linen management process is streamlined and optimised to produce the desired results—the provision of high-quality linen items to customers. To ensure optimal linen services, linen managers should focus on improving how they monitor their laundry services.

As more commercial linen rentals are being set up throughout Australia, competition between these establishments is stiff and to keep ahead of the curve, no longer can commercial linen rental owners rely on manual processes, as investing in laundry technology is crucial to streamline the entire linen management process. 

To step in the right direction, commercial linen rental providers should invest in laundry monitoring technology as it can free up employees for labour-intensive linen handling processes, boost their workforce productivity, improve cost-saving measures, and enhance the business’s ROI.

That said, what are the benefits of investing in laundry technology to monitor processes? Let’s explore them in greater detail below.

How investing in a laundry management system helps optimise laundry operation

Hassle-free order experience with
its user-friendly interface, multiple order options, and easy navigation.

Streamlined order-to-invoice process
with accurate and high-quality linen management orders and precise billing.

Automated linen inventory counting and real-time location tracking
with its ability to reduce replacement costs.

Enhanced quality and stock levels of linen inventory
with the capability of achieving higher customer satisfaction.

Saved time and labour costs
with automation features so time isn’t spent on manual linen operations, saving costs.

Bundle Connect ensures speedier and more efficient laundry operations

Bundle Connect is an advanced laundry management system that can help businesses avoid costly processing errors and streamline their laundry operations.

With its cloud capabilities, it is able to read information transmitted from an RFID chip embedded in a linen cloth. Information can then be relayed from the software about a linen item’s location in real time, reducing the likelihood of incidents of lost items due to theft or misplacement.

Bundle Connect significantly reduces a business’s expenditure needed to replace lost items. Its user-friendly features make it easy for customers to place their orders through the software.

This software is able to automate the billing, invoicing, and delivery requirements of linen orders to ensure a smooth and precise order-to-invoice process and can alert linen managers when stock levels have reached below the established par level.

This helps linen managers place an order for more linen inventory to avoid overstocking or understocking.

Linen managers can also gain insights into how many times a linen item has been laundered or when it is reaching the end of its shelf life, which helps in decision-making when it comes to the quality of linen used for everyday operations.

Bundle Track is a revolutionary laundry asset management system that can help businesses improve their linen management pipeline by simplifying and streamlining processes. 

With its cloud capabilities, it is able to read information transmitted from an RFID chip embedded in a linen cloth. Information can be relayed from the software about a linen item’s location in real time, decreasing incidences of loss of items due to theft or misplacement.

This significantly reduces a business’s expenditure needed to replace lost items. Its user-friendly features make it easy for employees to monitor linen utilisation and track linen inventory statuses. With Bundle Track, businesses can maximise their cost-saving measures, boost workforce productivity, and improve their overall ROI.

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Client success stories 

"The transition to Bundle has been instrumental in Allied Laundry continuing to drive change and business improvement by providing real-time customer ordering information, streamlined ordering, and billing processes and have enabled a considerable reduction in staff time. The system has been a real success story for Allied Laundry."

Mark Mabbet

Allied Laundry Service

"No question is a stupid question in the eyes of the Bundle team. Their customer service, expertise and knowledge ensured a smooth transition for me when I purchased my business. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate, while syncing seamlessly with my accounts package."

Geraldine Minogue

Associated Laundry Services

Since the transition from a manual, paper-driven system to Bundle, the time spent managing orders through to invoicing has been reduced by some 75%. From an administrative perspective, it is far easier to track the progress of orders, respond to queries (and resupply dockets). 

The management abilities for individual account needs with set days, recurring orders, fixing cut-off times, adding notes to orders and pick-ups means that all relevant persons have the same information. 
Customer support is also given a high priority and queries and concerns are met promply and efficiently.

Cynthia Hertrick

Blueline Laundry

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What are some costly consequences of not investing in a laundry management system?

Without a laundry management system, commercial laundries may face operational inefficiencies, susceptibility to order processing errors, inventory mismanagement, poor customer experience, as well as increased administrative burden.

What financial setbacks can occur without a laundry management system?

Lack of automation may lead to financial setbacks such as increased processing errors, higher labour costs, and potential revenue loss due to dissatisfied customers. Manual administrative linen-handling tasks can also consume valuable time and resources.

What role does technology play in reducing operational costs for commercial laundries?

Automation capabilities embedded in a laundry management system improve laundry operations by optimising resource allocation, boosting linen utilisation, reducing processing errors, and preventing loss of linen with real-time RFID capabilities.

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