Enhance commercial linen supply in the hospitality industry with laundry management systems

Discover how laundry management systems can be implemented to improve linen inventory management in the hospitality industry.


Find out how commercial linen rentals save a huge chunk of their operational costs with this technology.

Linen housekeeping is an area of focus in the hospitality industry that must not be ignored, especially since it is largely involved in the overall guest experience and the guest’s perception of the hospitality establishment. However, linen management in this setting is not as clear-cut of a process, and many establishments in the hospitality sector are bound to encounter challenges in managing their linen inventory.

Issues with linen handling in the hospitality industry include dealing with linen shortages or supplying guest rooms with low-quality linen inventory. These factors significantly contribute to the lower profitability of a hospitality establishment. This leads to added strain on linen managers who have to make sure that linen items used in these settings are quickly accessible and of high quality.
Through the use of laundry management systems, linen managers will find it easier to concentrate on the critical elements of linen management as the software does all the work of automating linen management tasks, foolproofing some common linen mistakes, and alerting and reminding of the need to restock linen items once it falls below the required par level.

So how do laundry management systems come in and help improve the commercial linen supply of hospitality establishments?

To ensure the smooth operation of a commercial laundry, linen managers are expected to assess and detect any possible issues that may arise with their laundry equipment. This may be challenging to assess without the assistance of the right technology.

This is why linen managers should consider investing in laundry maintenance software. With this software, they can assess many features that provide relevant information about their equipment, the linen items they wash, and other relevant information to assist with crucial decision-making processes and avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns.

Equipment downtime can be costly and may compromise workforce productivity as linen employees are stalled. That said, let’s explore the benefits of investing in laundry maintenance software for a commercial laundry.

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How laundry management systems can improve commercial linen supply in the hospitality sector

Streamlined operations

The entire pipeline is simplified and automated, ensuring seamless workflow streamlining, from sorting to packing, thus reducing human errors and increasing efficiency.

Real-time monitoring

 Through real-time visibility, businesses can monitor the progress of linen in their laundry process and implement any corrective measures in real-time to improve transparency.

Optimised inventory

These systems monitor linen usage patterns, allowing hospitality businesses to keep inventory at optimal stock levels by not having shortages or on the flip side, any excesses.

Reduced costs

With the help of these systems, hospitality businesses can utilise resources better and optimise processes, which results in lower operational costs related to linen management.

Improved quality control

 Integrated quality control, including barcode scanning and RFID tracking, is the key to maintaining the highest possible quality levels in the laundry management process.

Enhanced guest satisfaction

 With the help of well-designed laundry management systems, hotels and other types of guest accommodation will have clean linen, ensuring happy and satisfied guests.

Bundle Connect enhances commercial linen supply

Bundle Connect is an advanced laundry management system that can help businesses streamline their linen operations and avoid costly laundry errors.

With its cloud capabilities, it is able to read information transmitted from an RFID chip embedded in a linen cloth. Information can then be relayed from the software about a linen item’s location in real time, reducing the likelihood of incidents of lost items due to theft or misplacement.

Bundle Connect significantly reduces a hospital’s expenditure needed to replace lost items. Its user-friendly features make it easy for customers to place their orders through the software.

This software is able to automate the billing, invoicing, and delivery requirements of linen orders to ensure a smooth and precise order-to-invoice process and can alert linen managers when stock levels have reached below the established par level.

This helps linen managers place an order for more linen inventory to avoid overstocking or stockouts. Linen managers can also gain insights into how many times a linen item has been laundered. They can also find out when it is reaching the end of its shelf life, which helps in decision-making when it comes to the quality of linen used for everyday operations.

Bundle PPM is an advanced laundry maintenance software that helps commercial linen owners and linen managers gain valuable information on their laundry equipment performance, which can facilitate smoother and hassle-free commercial laundry operations.

Its KPI data reporting capabilities make it easier for linen managers to obtain valuable data-driven analytics and access past performance issues. This includes being able to access useful information such as log breakdowns and equipment observations. 

This helps linen managers make decisions to improve their laundry functions, while also measuring employee workload and linen utilisation via the software, which can lead to more reliable and accurate KPI measuring. 

When the laundry stock level falls below the minimum par level threshold, users can set up automatic reordering using this software to restore stock levels to a healthy threshold. 

Bundle PPM also allows users to update laundry job sheets and attach relevant pictures to create a comprehensive service history for linen managers to access. This helps them develop a better understanding of issues pertaining to their laundry equipment. In addition, users can view outstanding observations that require further action.

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Client success stories 

"The transition to Bundle has been instrumental in Allied Laundry continuing to drive change and business improvement by providing real-time customer ordering information, streamlined ordering, and billing processes and have enabled a considerable reduction in staff time. The system has been a real success story for Allied Laundry."

Mark Mabbet

Allied Laundry Service

"No question is a stupid question in the eyes of the Bundle team. Their customer service, expertise and knowledge ensured a smooth transition for me when I purchased my business. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate, while syncing seamlessly with my accounts package."

Geraldine Minogue

Associated Laundry Services

Since the transition from a manual, paper-driven system to Bundle, the time spent managing orders through to invoicing has been reduced by some 75%. From an administrative perspective, it is far easier to track the progress of orders, respond to queries (and resupply dockets). 

The management abilities for individual account needs with set days, recurring orders, fixing cut-off times, adding notes to orders and pick-ups means that all relevant persons have the same information. 
Customer support is also given a high priority and queries and concerns are met promply and efficiently.

Cynthia Hertrick

Blueline Laundry

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What role do laundry management systems play in the process of achieving lower costs for hospitality businesses?

A laundry management system helps to optimise resources and in turn reduces operational costs along with linen management, ultimately leading to the profitability of the hospitality industry.

Could you give me illustrations of the laundry management systems of cutting waste and making a reduction in cost in linen management?

Laundry management systems enable hotels, hostels, and other hospitality businesses to minimise waste by ensuring the smooth functioning of the overall system, preventing overstock situations or shortages, and eventually bringing operational costs down.

Are laundry management systems suitable for businesses of all sizes within the hospitality industry?

Yes, laundry management systems can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes, from small bed and breakfasts to large hotel chains, offering scalability and customisation options.