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Linen management in housekeeping: Why hotels should turn to linen management software

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Linen managers working in the hospitality sector juggle multiple responsibilities on an average business day, and executive housekeepers are no exception. As linen management in housekeeping is integral to the smooth running of hotel operations, executive housekeepers may feel pressured to furnish an adequate stock of high-quality linen items when needed to ensure that hotel operations run smoothly. 

Housekeeping linen management entails providing an adequate supply of linen—not just for hotel guests in their respective rooms, but also in hotel banquet halls, dining areas, and kitchens. However, it is challenging for executive housekeepers to manually sort and organise linen inventory into their respective categories as it can be time-consuming and monotonous, which may even lead to errors. 

This is why hotel managers should turn to hotel linen management software. With the availability of this technology, hotel managers can find ways to reduce overhead costs, improve workforce productivity, provide high-quality linen items to customers, and boost ROI. 

So how can a hotel linen management software provide all these benefits? Let’s explore how investing in and implementing this technology can improve the workflow processes of linen management in housekeeping. 

Readily available high-quality linen 

Hotel guests expect the hotel rooms they will be staying in to be furnished with high-quality, freshly laundered bed sheets, towels, and other linen items. This expectation also extends to the hotel banquet and dining areas, where tablecloths, placemats, and napkins should be adequately stocked to enhance customer experience. 

Kitchens also require an adequate supply of linen inventory, such as aprons, oven cloths, and kitchen towels. This is why it’s important that linen items are not only adequately stocked, but are of high quality as well. By utilising hotel linen management software, executive housekeepers and hotel managers gain valuable insights into individual linen items and can improve the way they stock linen inventory. 

Important information such as how many times a linen item has been laundered or when it’s expected to reach the end of its shelf life makes it easier for decision-makers to determine which linen items must be provided to housekeeping departments. As high-quality linen items are adequately stocked, the hotel’s overall customer satisfaction rate can increase too. 

Automated linen counting and reduced linen loss 

As mentioned previously, manually sorting and categorising linen inventory can be tedious and time-consuming. It also diminishes housekeepers’ productivity levels and increases the probability of processing errors, caused by human negligence. With the availability of hotel linen management software, linen management in housekeeping is made efficient through automated linen counting. 

Linen software that is powered by RFID capabilities can transmit information from an RFID tag attached to an individual linen item to a reader. The result? The actual number of linen items, sorted by different categories, is automatically reflected on the reader. This significantly decreases the workload for housekeepers when performing such manual tasks, giving them more time to focus on other tasks. 

Hotel linen management software is also able to detect the movement of linen items in real-time due to the RFID technology. This prevents the loss of linen items which would typically be a result of misplacement or theft, and executive housekeepers and hotel managers won’t have to increase their operational costs to replace these items. 

Scalable software

With the help of linen management software, executive housekeepers can handle linen items based on changing business needs. This ensures that hotels do not overspend on operational functions or waste resources that are not required. 

This software is also scalable, meaning that linen management in housekeeping can be scaled up or down to commensurate with business requirements. This enhances the cost-saving initiatives of the hotel’s housekeeping department. 

Improve linen management in housekeeping with hotel linen management software 

To ensure the smooth flow of hotel operations, including in rooms, banquet halls, dining areas and kitchens, executive housekeepers are assigned the responsibility of ensuring linen items are adequately stocked, are of high quality, and are readily available when needed. This can put a strain on both them and hotel managers, who have other duties to tend to and are struggling to meet their KPIs. 
To ensure that hotel managers can meet their targets while also making sure hotel operations run smoothly, they should turn to a laundry asset management system like a hotel linen management software to boost their housekeeping department’s productivity, improve cost-saving measures, and boost ROI.

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