November 17

4 ways drivers will benefit from a laundry delivery app and help speed up operations

Laundry Operations


In recent years, many businesses in the hospitality, healthcare, and workwear industries have turned to commercial linen services to obtain an adequate stock of linen inventory, which plays a crucial role in their everyday operations. 

As commercial linen services like commercial laundries grow in popularity throughout the world, so has the demand for on-time and high-quality linen order delivery services. To efficiently complete the linen management lifecycle, it’s important to deliver linen orders to the respective customers on time and without errors. 

To enhance operational efficiency, commercial laundries should consider investing in a laundry delivery app. This technology speeds up the linen workflow by optimising delivery times and reducing costly errors. 

That said, let’s explore four ways a laundry delivery app facilitates more effective commercial laundry delivery services. 

1. Efficient route planning 

When it comes to delivering linen orders to customers, a laundry delivery app is typically integrated with a GPS tracking and navigation system. With this system, drivers can plan their routes and ensure they take the shortest amount of time and distance to get to their intended destinations. 

Should there be a sudden hold-up or if traffic becomes busier than usual on the originally planned routes, the GPS system will suggest or redirect drivers to alternative routes to prevent time from being wasted and to ensure linen orders are not delivered late. 

This efficient route planning saves fuel costs and frees up drivers to make other deliveries, assuring their time is managed. The GPS technology allows laundries to track the drivers and inform them of sudden changes that customers may request at the last minute. This helps drivers reroute quickly.

2. Real-time updates 

Every time a request for a new delivery comes through from a commercial linen service, drivers get real-time updates. This helps them stay informed of new orders that they can accept or decline, which further assists them in making the best out of their rides. 

In addition, when they have reached the commercial laundry’s location, drivers can confirm whether all the items requested by the client are included for delivery through a checklist embedded in the laundry delivery app. 

With real-time updates and a digital checklist at their fingertips, the probability of delivery drivers making faulty deliveries will be significantly reduced. This can leave a positive impression on the delivery services that invest in this app, as it will lead to high customer satisfaction rates.

3. Enhanced communication with customers 

Communication is key in any and all operations, and linen deliveries are no exception. Communication between the drivers and commercial linen services plays a crucial role in ensuring on-time and accurate laundry delivery. 

The delivery app serves as a communication platform between the delivery drivers and the central laundry operations, which enables real-time or quick responses to customer requests or order changes. This alleviates the need for unnecessary phone calls that may further delay deliveries. 

The chat features on the app ensure that misunderstandings or miscommunication between drivers and laundry services are mitigated or eliminated to ensure faster, more efficient, and more accurate delivery response times.

4. Generated feedback and rating system 

Using the app, customers can leave their feedback and rate the drivers based on their experiences and their thoughts on the service provided. Using the data collected on this app, drivers and commercial linen services can gain valuable insights from customers on the quality of their delivery service. 

This helps them improve their decision-making abilities and find areas for improvement, especially when it comes to optimising their delivery operations. It can also serve as a metric for measuring the performance of drivers. 

This feedback in the form of ratings and reviews by customers can be used to reward drivers who perform exceptionally. This can have a positive impact on their commercial laundry profitability, as attracting new customers will be easier due to higher ratings and reviews given by existing customers. 

Invest in a laundry delivery app to optimise laundry operations 

From order to invoice, investing in a laundry management system for delivery is beneficial to improve the linen management pipeline, as it helps improve cost-saving measures for commercial linen services, speed up operations, retain and attract customers, and boost overall ROI. 

Schedule a consultation with linen management experts to learn more about the benefits of investing in such a delivery app.

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