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How commercial linen rental facilities can boost their workforce productivity with a linen management software

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In recent years, commercial linen rental facilities have been growing in popularity among large-scale businesses, especially in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

While this has been profitable for these providers of linen management solutions, it has inadvertently placed mounting pressure on linen managers and employees to focus on furnishing customers with high-quality linen items without exceeding the allocated operational budget needed to carry out the entire linen management process.

This is especially challenging for linen rental facilities that have yet to invest in a linen management software. Linen facility employees lose out on their productivity as they spend a huge chunk of their daily responsibilities sorting, counting, washing, packing, and delivering linen items to designated clients.

When taking steps to improve the entire linen management lifecycle, it is difficult for employees working in linen rental facilities to assess flaws or repeated mistakes in their workflows without the presence of a laundry management system.

That said, investing in this software brings about many benefits for commercial linen rental facilities that are looking to optimise their linen utilisation and workflow efficiency.

Using software can speed up linen handling processes and streamline the order-to-invoice stages while minimising the slowdown of activities or breakdown of equipment.

Let’s explore in further detail the benefits of linen management software in boosting workforce productivity below.

It speeds up linen counting and tracking processes

With a linen management software with integrated RFID capabilities, it can receive data transmitted, via a RFID system, from RFID tags that have been embedded in a linen item.

These items have their own unique identification number, which can automate and separate the number of linen items by type, size, colour, and location, and determine if the linen item has been freshly laundered or is soiled.

No longer do linen managers and employees have to spend a significant portion of their daily work schedule, to manually perform the repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming counting and categorising of linen items.

This gives them more flexibility to focus on tasks that really matter, such as improving their customer service quality or utilising linen items more efficiently.

It prevents the loss of linen items

With a linen management software, the loss of linen items due to theft or misplacement can be significantly reduced. As mentioned previously, the RFID tags attached to linen items transmit information to the linen management software and a reader.

This significantly reduces the possibility of a client refusing to return linen items as a higher bill will be charged to them to replace the linen items they don’t send back.

Misplacement of linen items due to negligence can also be resolved in an instant as employees can easily track the location of the linen items.

It improves customer satisfaction

As linen management software is able to provide real-time and accurate information about linen items, linen rental customer representatives can furnish customers with timely updates on their orders. 

This helps linen rental providers build trust with their customers, increase their brand awareness, and establish their presence among local businesses as the go-to provider for linen management solutions.

As more customers show satisfaction with their linen management services, they are more likely to leave a good rating and review of their establishment. This helps to attract more customers on top of retaining existing customers, thereby increasing their ROI.

It facilitates better stock control

One issue faced by linen rental facilities is coming up with an adequate amount of linen stock for individual clients.

A linen stock shortage can be problematic for linen rental facilities as it could slow down linen management operations or bring them to a complete halt.

Overstocking can be a costly situation where a return is not being generated on linen sitting on shelves. Both these issues can reduce satisfaction rates, which affects the return rate of customers to a linen rental facility.

With this software, linen managers and employees can gather the number of required linen items, by different categories and types, to ensure the hospital doesn’t run out of linen inventory. 

It provides valuable analytics to improve decision-making

Linen rental owners are always looking for solutions to speed up and make their linen management process more agile and error-free.

With the presence of a linen management process, decision-makers can gain access to various reports and analytics, such as linen utilisation, the number of items a linen item has been laundered, and when a linen item is going to reach the end of its shelf life.

This helps linen managers stock up on high-quality linen items to improve customer satisfaction. Linen managers can also gain useful information about linen equipment and employee KPIs, making it easier for them to track and measure performance more effectively.

Boost workforce productivity with a linen management software

Workforce productivity is of crucial importance for commercial linen rental providers to boost their ROI by minimising labour-intensive processes through manual inputting, maximising cost-saving measures, and improving linen workflow efficiency.

Schedule a consultation with a commercial linen rental expert today to boost your workforce productivity and take your linen management solutions to greater heights.

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