August 16

4 ways RFID laundry solutions boost returns for commercial linen rentals

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As commercial linen rentals throughout Australia are increasing in popularity, there is a growing demand for linen managers and employees to optimise their linen management processes. By leveraging advanced RFID laundry solutions, you can alleviate the pressure of having to manually optimise and deliver an efficient supply of linen to clients without any hiccups. 

Businesses that require large volumes of linen items, such as those in the hospitality or healthcare sectors, often turn to commercial linen rentals to provide an adequate stock of linen items to ensure the smooth functioning of their operations. 

Without investing in the appropriate technology to simplify and streamline workflow processes, commercial linen rentals may find their employees being inconvenienced with time-consuming and strenuous tasks. This includes having to manually count, sort, wash, and pack large quantities of linen items, which takes away valuable time that could have been spent more productively. 

That said, investing in a laundry asset management system that utilises RFID technology to improve the lifecycle of linen management operations can be instrumental in boosting the ROI of commercial rental businesses. Let’s explore the convenience this technology provides further below. 

1. It is cost-effective and automated 

Each garment, when embedded with an RFID tag, is marked with a unique identification number. This simplifies the linen counting and sorting process as the number of linen items, which are separated by item, type, and size, can be immediately reflected on a screen without having to handle each item.

Its real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities mean that incidences of theft or loss of linen items are significantly reduced. The RFID tracking system can be applied to all stages of linen management, making the entire lifecycle a seamless and streamlined process. 

Commercial linen rentals reduce labour-related costs as well as inventory shrinking, which saves a huge amount of operational costs. 

2. It gives more flexibility for employees to focus on customer service 

As RFID tracking technology simplifies the linen management lifecycle, linen rental employees gain more flexibility in their work schedules to focus on customer-oriented tasks. This includes providing exceptional customer service to existing clients by offering them real-time reports on their orders. 

As RFID tags provide the status and location of a client’s linen orders, linen rental employees can easily and quickly relay accurate information regarding their orders. This helps commercial linen rentals to enhance their reputation as a trusted and reliable linen service provider. 

Attracting new clients may be easier as well due to the high customer satisfaction ratings given by existing clients. 

3. It provides accurate billing and reporting information 

With RFID capabilities, commercial linen rentals can automate the setting up of accurate billing and reporting for clients while eliminating the risk of human errors that employees may make under regular manual processes. 

The traceability of the RFID tags embedded in garments can help automate and produce invoice statements of a client’s linen orders accurately. The invoice is then sent directly to the customers without human input. 

This means that commercial linen rentals can furnish customers with accurate invoices without overcharging or undercharging them due to miscounting of linen inventory. 

4. It helps maintain adequate stock control without compromising quality 

Perhaps a scenario that most commercial linen rentals do not want to face is a stock shortage of linen items because they were overstocked previously. With RFID capabilities, various data-driven insights allow decision-makers to stock linen items adequately, to avoid both overstocking and understocking. 

Linen items that have been marked with an RFID tag can have their information transmitted to a stock control system. This system provides data on the number of times a linen item has been laundered, its condition, and its expected lifespan. 

This helps reduce the likelihood of using worn or damaged items and avoid compromising the quality of linen items which may leave clients with a bad impression of the provider’s services. 

Boost returns on your linen rental service with advanced RFID laundry solutions 

If you are running a commercial linen rental service and have been experiencing setbacks in your linen management pipeline, perhaps it’s time to consider switching to a more revolutionary and cost-saving approach to improve your overall operational efficiency. 

Schedule a consultation with an expert in linen rental management solutions to learn how investing in sophisticated RFID laundry solutions can help streamline your linen management processes. 

It can also reduce your employees’ workloads and enhance their productivity, while also reducing significant costs forked out by your business to improve operational efficiency.

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