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Reduce operating costs with better Service Delivery management

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As the medical and hospitality industry struggles to meet strict health regulations, they are turning to commercial laundries to deliver consistently clean linen within a tight delivery window.

This, in turn, places the onus on commercial laundries to deliver clean linen on time. Yet, many managers find it difficult to convert this requirement into a reliable and efficient process.

Coordinating deliveries is a multi-step process. Between verifying linen orders, giving approval for delivery, and communicating with delivery drivers, it can quickly become a challenging task for managers. 

Inefficiencies in this process can also raise operating costs, not only inflicting a monetary wound on your business but also taking up far more of your time than planned. 

However, despite these difficulties, it’s possible to convert your delivery process into one that can deliver consistently clean linen within a tight schedule while reducing operating costs simultaneously.  

The cost of poor service delivery

A recent study revealed a high correlation between a positive customer experience and word-of-mouth; 72% of users shared a positive experience with around six people, while 13% shared a bad experience or instances of poor delivery of service with more than fifteen people. 

While the study focused on consumers, the underlying ideas can be translated to a B2B setting. Mainly because organisations gravitate towards businesses that deliver consistent experiences while moving away from organisations that are, at best, inconsistent with their delivery operations-When service delivery is lacking, it can seriously undermine your ROI. 

When your clients are not receiving their linen on time, it could discourage them from working with you in the future, which hurts your bottom line. Conversely, it also increases operating costs while choking long-run gains. 

Furthermore, delayed delivery is a sign that your distribution network is neither as efficient nor consistent as it could be. It’s a symptom that your commercial laundry business is leaking resources, racking up high operating costs on your balance sheet. 

Therefore, fixing your service delivery can help optimise processes across your entire organisation, improve the rate of delivery, reduce operating costs, and build a reputation for consistent, reliable delivery. 

Reduce operating costs with Bundle Connect

As a laundry management software, Bundle Connect is built to streamline, optimise, and improve all managerial processes related to governing a commercial laundry service, including delivery. 

Planning timely deliveries is a significant challenge because it’s a practice that requires precision and accuracy. Hence, you need a management solution that helps you transform delivery into a consistent process. 

Bundle Connect aims to streamline the planning of the laundry process to make delivery easier, turning a manual and time-consuming procedure into an automated process that can be completed with just a few clicks.  

When you create a new order with Bundle Connect, you can compile all critical information such as order number and delivery dates into one centralised place, allowing you to plan out orders and deliveries days or weeks in advance. 

In addition, the Bundle Connect system features a PACKED tab that collects and compiles all packed orders into a single screen; you can review and dispatch multiple orders for delivery at once, effectively cutting down your management and review time. 

You can view all your orders on a single screen before ordering a dispatch 

The printable Dispatch Manifest provides a RUN SHEET containing the names of all the clients, their location, a trolley/bag count, along with additional customer or delivery instructions. The manifest also utilises Google Maps to provide a ROUTE. and a quick guide on the fastest, most convenient route to help your drivers complete the delivery as soon as possible. 

With Bundle Connect, you can convert service delivery into an automated process to ensure consistency in delivery while also reducing operating costs and building a reputation for consistency and reliability. 

The Manifest windows provide all the information you need to make timely deliveries.

Deliver on time and reduce operating costs

Bundle Connect empowers you to make positive and sweeping changes within your commercial laundry service, so you can reduce operating costs while turning delivery into an efficient process.

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