December 10

Textile Management – Leading towards profit

Laundry Operations


Laundries are the experts in textiles, their care and management. It is the role of an expert to lead, guide and educate to create a mutually beneficial commercial model with those they supply.

Textile rental, when combined with sound inventory management and reporting, is such a model. In the current environment, businesses are constantly looking to maximise returns, create efficient and contactless procedures, and minimise waste.

Did you know a single $12 textile item could contribute up to $135, and possibly more, to your top line in an efficiently managed rental textile system?

How does your laundry stack up with its textile rental programme? Many laundries have fallen into the trap of offering a ‘textile loan’ scheme, which does not generate appropriate income and is open to issues such as stock loss/shortages and can compromise the quality of your relationships with customers.

A textile loan system is inherently flawed, letting the customer lead. You wouldn’t allow your customers to dictate terms on billing or costing within your business, so why let them dictate terms on textile rental?

As the expert, it is your responsibility to do what is best for your business and create a sustainable model to benefit the entire industry.

Lead your customers to rent their textiles and improve the performance of both their business and your own.

UHF RFID technology means easy, accurate and automated billing, distribution, inventory management. This reduces labour costs and allows businesses to operate in a COVID-19-compromised world. It reduces the risk of customers over or under ordering, creates predictable cashflow and minimises stock losses.

If this sounds like something your laundry could benefit from, the team at Bundle have the technology and expertise to elevate the performance of your laundry.  Contact Bundle today.

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