December 3

The key to improving accuracy and reducing uncertainty across laundry management

Laundry Operations


Effective linen management is crucial to the success of your commercial laundry because it’s evidence that you run a tight, efficient ship that delivers exceptional client outcomes, time after time. 

The challenge, today, is that many laundry managers have trouble turning their uncoordinated, costly management process into an organised, systematic procedure. 

A result of difficulties coordinating and managing multiple departments responsible for different functions across your laundry, it poses a serious challenge for accuracy and efficiency. Employees also struggle to maintain accurate linen counts, especially in commercial laundries that work with major healthcare and hospitality clients.

Fortunately, turning linen management into a more precise science that can deliver linen on time is not challenging. In fact, with the right technology, you can make significant improvements that eliminate uncertainty in the linen management process.

Bundle Connect, in particular, makes this possible by coordinating linen management across a large floor space. 

As a commercial laundry management solution that modernises the laundry management process by eschewing manual methods in favour of automated counting, here are some of the biggest benefits you can expect when you introduce it to your operations.

Track and manage linen with greater precision

Commercial laundry platforms leverage RFID technology to track linen sheets. 

Each sheet contains an RFID tag. 

When linen first enters the commercial laundry, therefore, employees scan the tag with an RFID reader. The information in the system is then relayed to our commercial laundry platform, which features a customisable dashboard that relays where linen is located in real-time. 

As a result, you can track linen orders from each client from a single platform, making the process more accurate, precise, and efficient. 

With linen counting done in real-time, you know you possess the latest information and don’t need to worry about wasting time and resources updating your data. 

Coordinate deliveries more effectively

Ultimately, the objective of powerful linen tracking and management is to get laundry delivered to clients on time. Bundle Connect helps you accomplish this by improving linen tracking across the board.

The system allows you to enter and assign orders for each client and track them in real-time as they move across different stages of the washing process. 

Using the system, you will know where your clients’ orders are, making it much easier to determine their status. To do so, you only need to log into a management portal on the Bundle Connect platform instead of jumping through a dozen hoops to get the information you need. 

Convert laundry data into useful insights 

You might be looking for avenues to improve laundry management and turn it into a more efficient function. This, however, can prove hard to do, particularly when you don’t have sufficient data to initiate meaningful optimisations. 

Today, Bundle Connect can convert commercial linen management into a more efficient, value-driven operation through powerful BI and analytics systems that convert raw data into useful information. 

Using this information, you can discover gaps in your management processes and eliminate them, effectively streamlining the management process and improving its accuracy, turning operational management into a more efficient, value-driven process.

Leverage accurate and streamlined laundry management best practices with powerful technology 

In today’s competitive industry landscape, successful laundry management is integral to your growth and profitability; optimising and improving this part of your operations can help you convert your business into an efficient machine that delivers high-quality commercial laundry services on time. 

Today, your service delivery on this front can affect everything from employee performance to company profitability. With Bundle Connect, your transformation of this process doesn’t just improve your accuracy and eliminate uncertainty, but also supercharge your performance, innovation and even your sustainability.

More importantly, our commercial laundry solution can coordinate operations across multiple sites effortlessly and expand as you grow. With it, you can optimise complex and evolving laundry management to fuel your growth in the industry.

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