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Turn textile monitoring into a more streamlined activity

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Textile monitoring and stock counting play a critical role in the smooth functioning of any commercial laundry. Unsurprisingly, it is also a notoriously complex process that requires precision and accuracy if laundry teams are to deliver linen to various commercial facilities on time.

While manual operations to count linen and track textiles in the commercial laundry are still common, they’re plagued by time-consuming and error-prone processes, making them a costly, inefficient and unreliable part of daily operational activities. 

What’s more is that this process has a ripple effect on other aspects of a commercial laundry’s operations, including delivery and client management.

To reduce the fallouts of manual, outdated textile monitoring, the right laundry productivity solution can optimise stock counting and linen monitoring while improving accuracy.

Today, Bundle Connect is an automated laundry solution that leverages the power of Business Intelligence and automation to convert complex, time-consuming processes into timely and efficient operations. 

Optimising textile monitoring with Bundle Connect

Bundle Connect can turn textile monitoring into a seamless part of your operations. Here’s how.

Leverage RFID technology for real-time tracking

If you are using advanced technology such as RFID or IoT in linen monitoring, then Bundle Connect can collect the data and feed it directly into your or your clients’ servers. 

The system then uses the data to track where your linen is stored in real-time and relay the information through easy-to-interact dashboards. 

You can then leverage this data to turn textile monitoring into a more streamlined, efficient process. Bundle Connect informs you where linen is located in real-time without requiring you to expend a significant amount of time or other resources. 

Furthermore, our Bundle Connect solution can also function as a hub for your IoT network of devices, making it easier to convert linen tracking into a seamless, efficient process.

Organise data into different variables for easy monitoring

The Bundle Connect solution has separate tabs to distinguish stock that is new or ready for delivery. 

For example, the orders page has separate tabs called “New Order”, “Pack Order”, and “Packed”. When the linen order goes through different stages, such as washing and sorting, this status is reflected accurately in the Bundle Connect system, making it easier to track progress and ensure everything is on schedule. 

The system allows you to track textiles across different stages of laundry processing and convert this into a more timely process. Furthermore, you can connect textiles to specific clients because our laundry management system features a “Customer” window where you can store essential data on your clients in one easy-to-access platform. The window consists of three tabs: “Details”, “Stock”, and “Contacts & Invest Customer”.

The “Stock” tab controls the allocation of stock to each customer. You can link textile numbers to each client, making it easier to track the order of each client to turn textile monitoring into a more precise, efficient process. 

Maintain accurate stock count records

Bundle Connect can turn stock count data and textile monitoring into information you can use to further streamline and optimise your operations. 

For example, when a client submits a new order, you can enter the records into your system by linking the stock order to a client along with an appropriate delivery date. 

You can set delivery dates that correspond with the delivery arrangement you maintain with each client. If your client has recurring deliverables, for instance, you can select “Recurring date selection” to repeat the same order on a selected day over a set period. 

This allows you to glean useful insights from automated stock counting, improving planning and decision making across your commercial laundry.

Maintain an accurate stock count to optimise your operations

Maintaining meticulous, accurate records of linen stock is no easy task. With Bundle Connect, however, this process becomes just another routine item on your to-do list. 

With our technological capabilities, you can now reduce the costs of linen management, turning it into a seamless, resource-efficient operation that boosts the overall productivity of your business. 

You can also save precious employee time, allowing them to focus on more impactful, value-added tasks.

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