November 3

How to use Bundle Connect to minimise ordering and excess linen stocking

Laundry Operations


Keeping an accurate linen count is a significant challenge. Between scaling operations and balancing the needs of clients, there are many ways your linen count can go wrong, leading to several problems like excess inventory.

overreliance on traditional linen counting techniques is one of the primary reasons for inaccurate linen counts in commercial laundry businesses. Most often, employees take the linen count manually, which may lead to additional errors. 

These manual linen counting methods are volatile as they depend on several factors that can lead to an inaccurate linen count. In other words, if employees are tired, stressed or working with unreliable tools, it can compromise the accuracy of the linen count.  

To bring consistency and reliability to the linen counting process, you need to adopt much more robust and automated linen counting techniques. 

Using an automated business intelligence system like Bundle Connect can optimise the linen counting process and remove the burden from your employees, freeing them up for more value-added tasks. 

What can Bundle Connect do to automate linen counting? 

Bundle Connect is designed to automate crucial components of the linen counting process, improving efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. 

  • Making accurate entries into the system when customers take orders

Taking orders is a tricky process and can go wrong if not performed diligently. 

Bundle Connect makes this process easier with its New Orders tab, which allows you to create new orders from clients in seconds. To get started, load the Bundle Connect system and click on the New Orders tab to add a new customer, delivery date, and purchase order number. 

The system has a quick link stock option in the menu, which helps connect available linen stock items with customer orders. Use the option to compare linen stock with customer orders to reduce excess inventory.  

In addition, Bundle Connect features a Customer Stock tab to control stock allocation for each customer. The tab contains all the information on your clients, including a linen count for all your clients, allowing you to assess stock levels at a glance to ensure that client linen numbers are accurate. 

You can even compare the linen levels in this tab against the order tab to ensure they are not over or under the target levels. 

  • Automating laundry tracking to improve accuracy and reliability 

Laundry tracking through the sorting and delivery process can help keep an accurate linen count. The Bundle Connect system uses RFID technology to track each piece of linen no matter where it might be on the premises. 

This way, you can track each piece of linen through the Bundle Connect platform, and you can gain insights into where each piece of linen is at all times.

Use the platform to eliminate inconsistencies in your linen count, ensure that all linen is accounted for, and prevent inventory shortages or overstocking.

Turn linen management into a fast, efficient operation

With commercial laundry operations growing in scope, you need to optimise processes that cause inefficiencies in your operations.

Linen counting is one of these processes where errors lead to several problems, like excessive linen stocking. 

That’s why BI platforms like Bundle Connect are crucial for commercial laundries because they bring efficiency and transparency to complex processes, including linen counting. 

Optimising these procedures using automated solutions leads to several benefits; it can reduce operating costs and improve productivity while cutting down the workload of your staff, creating a linen counting process that is far more efficient than before.

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