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How to streamline invoice management to make it more accurate and less time-consuming with Bundle Connect

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Invoice management—the process of compiling, creating, and sending invoices to several clients on schedule—is a time-consuming administrative task that requires coordination that often detracts from more valuable work. 

Invoices must contain accurate information as it affects how your client views your business and even something as simple as getting the date wrong can undermine their confidence in you. 

This creates a dilemma where you spend too much time on invoice management, compromising on precious time that could have been spent on other important tasks. 

There is, however, a way to streamline invoice management without hurting quality and accuracy. 

Challenges of managing invoicing in commercial laundry systems

Invoice management remains a huge challenge for most commercial laundry managers. 

Here are some reasons why.

It takes a lot of time to compile the necessary data.

Creating an invoice from scratch requires you to pull data from different sources. If you are using traditional software, then it becomes a painstaking process that can take up too much of your time. The problem only gets worse if you are providing invoices for several clients at once. 

Organising invoices depending on status and location is time-consuming.

Each client requires a different invoice depending on factors like location and status, which can be difficult to do even with tools like Excel. The problem is made even worse when you have several clients who have their schedules. 

Customers are constantly calling for invoicing information. 

While unavoidable, having customers call for extra details can throw us off. You have to stop what you are doing and read through the systems to give clients the necessary details, throwing off your entire schedule. As you expand, this can become an inefficient time-consuming process. 

Tracing the connection between invoice management and business performance

While co-ordinating invoice management has its share of challenges, making the connection between invoicing and financial performance is also time-consuming. Difficulties in seeing how data affects financial performance lead to a host of problems. For example, it can be difficult to determine if financial targets were met without studying invoices. 

Resolving invoicing challenges using Bundle Connect 

Bundle Connect can help you streamline invoice management to make it more manageable. 

Automate invoice generation to speed up the process

Bundle Connect can automate the entire invoice generation process so you can generate dozens of invoices with the necessary information in just a few moments. The system collates all the data from dispatch orders for customers. That way, you can manage what has been ordered by whom and when without creating each invoice from scratch, saving you precious time when creating invoices in bulk.

Send client invoices directly to nominated recipients 

By using Bundle Connect, you can send invoices directly to nominated customer recipients. If your client has a customer who needs to see the invoice, their contact details can be added to the Bundle Connect portal as a recipient. When added as a recipient, users can download the invoice when they need to. If they ever need information from the invoice, it can be accessed on the system instead of calling you.

Streamline organisation and preparation of invoices 

Bundle Connect can remove the complexity from managing and streamlining invoice management. The system can help filter and organise invoices based on criteria, such as date range, billing category, and customer name. This means whenever there is a need for such categorisation, it can be done at the click of a button and with much less stress on your resources.

You can also separate and categorise invoices based on certain actions for customers. For example, if you want to send invoices to customers, you can place the invoices in the “Pending” category. Categorising items this way makes it easier to schedule invoices on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis, reducing the time needed to manage the invoices.

 Improve finance system reporting 

You can create clear financial reports using Bundle Connect. The system can import all your sales data onto the platform, making it easier to find the connection between invoice management and overall sales performance. 

With Bundle Connect, you will have a much easier time determining vital areas such as overdue invoice reports, managing your cash flow statements, tracking expenses, and viewing weekly or monthly profits.

Optimise invoice management with Bundle Connect 

If you are looking for a way to optimise invoice management without compromising accuracy or efficiency, then consider working with Bundle Laundry. Our solution, Bundle Connect, can help you streamline your invoice management processes so you can send out invoices to clients on time, with accuracy.
Save time, reduce costs, and improve revenue management with Bundle Connect.

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