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Using laundry business management software to set standard operating procedures

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Commercial laundries are, in all likelihood, entirely familiar with the concept of establishing standard operating procedures. What is a laundry, after all, without clear-cut processes to guide their activity and operations?

At a time when anything can (and will) go wrong, operating procedures dictate order and control in what would otherwise be a chaotic environment. Regardless of how rudimentary these processes are, they help operators ensure that laundry loads are successfully laundered and delivered on time – the crucial requirement for any businesses in the industry.

In our post, we dive into how commercial laundries can use laundry business management software to establish standard operating procedures for smoother service delivery.

Optimise equipment run times for effortless efficiency

Laundries that have management solutions embedded in their operations can also use these systems to come up with a data-driven policy to optimise the operation of all laundry machinery.

Certain software allows operators to remotely monitor and control machines, allowing them, in turn, to access insights about run times and wash schedules. With this data, laundries can set up strict protocols and timetables that facilitate maximum operational efficiency.

Bundle Laundry’s laundry business management software even comes with high-visibility, real-time performance indicators that allow staff to view factors that are directly affecting productivity and efficiency. This data helps them make immediate changes that boost how quickly critical activity is completed.

Improve personnel processes that are lagging and eliminate those that don’t work

Despite that scale of automation in the industry, laundries are still dependent on the hard and untiring work of laundry staff. From the linen sorting process all the way to packing and allocation, employees drive this process.

Despite their hard work, however, these processes are vulnerable to considerable delays and inefficiencies. Fortunately, productivity management software helps operators optimise human resources in real-time.

Leveraging highly functional management dashboards, laundries can now determine the employee processes that work and those that don’t and cut their losses accordingly. Overall, commercial laundries can expect to save time and improve their output as soon as they lay down operating procedures relating to employee activity – a variable that’s often the toughest to control and predict.

Deliver laundry loads more accurately with great efficiency

It’s not uncommon for laundries to experience a disconnect with laundry delivery teams, especially if the business in question operates in multiple sites or boasts mega-sized operations.

Delivery may lag due to many reasons. Drivers may fail to take the most cost-efficient and fastest route, priority deliveries may not be delivered on time due to human error, and sometimes, the wrong load may be delivered to a few clients; an often costly mistake.

Fortunately, laundry business management software now comes with features that allow drivers to automatically optimise delivery routes according to loads that need to be delivered. Among other functions, RFID tracking chips in each item of linen helps operators ensure that each load is being delivered to the right place.

Lay down robust procedures and processes for dealing with customer emergencies

Another nightmare laundry operators can avert with laundry business management software is those inevitable laundry emergencies customers come clamouring with.

Using laundry management software, businesses can set up procedures to ensure that they provide clients with what they need even when the unthinkable happens. Here, customer supply and linen counts can be maintained with effortless control through touch screen capabilities.

This ensures that even in emergencies, laundries can rely on their laundry software to guide them down the right course of action to ensure that service delivery remains on track.

Invest in laundry business management software to optimise your operating procedures

Commercial laundries require order and procedural control to remain efficient and provide the service guaranteed to clients. In doing so, laying down operating procedures in line with the functionality of laundry management software can make life easier, all around.

In this process, make sure you choose systems that can be customised to your needs and give you greater control over your laundry!

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