May 28

What to consider when you’re choosing commercial laundry equipment

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A commercial laundry is only as good as its commercial laundry equipment and, here, the distinction between industrial-grade devices and those used at the consumer level is telling.

In order to render services befitting organisations within the hospitality, healthcare, and other service-based industries, choosing the right devices for washing, drying, and even ironing makes all the difference. This is tied in with the mounting pressure on laundry operators to make their operations greener and more sustainable.

In today’s post, we dive into a few tips on what you need to consider when you choose commercial laundry equipment!

Choose tunnel washer technology

Given that washers account for one of the largest sources of energy and water usage, commercial laundries need to choose this kind of equipment with great care and consideration. Not only is water required to run these devices, but they also rely on electricity for water heating, and then there’s the matter of all the wastewater generated.

In order to optimise the energy and other resources used in the washing process, many facilities are now turning to tunnel washer technology.

These devices are created precisely to handle large quantities of soiled laundry while using four times less water compared to more conventional washing machines. This type of technology also preserves and protects linen given that they specialise in soil removal.

At the end of each wash cycle, a compressor extracts water from the linen before they are dried and ironed, saving your commercial laundry a significant amount of time and effort.

If you’re keen on increasing the efficiency and resource-saving capability of these devices, you can also combine tunnel washer dryers with water reclamation and ozone systems. Water reclamation/recycle systems allow commercial laundries to recycle up to 90% of the water used during the washing process and ozone systems eliminate stains with the use of cold water.

With Bundle Worx, our real-time production management system, you can leverage our equipment and water monitoring system to ensure that your utility levels aren’t exceeding predetermined limits.

Invest in more efficient dryers and irons

For an industrial laundry, operational speed and efficiency is everything. It is for this reason that many facilities opt for laundry dryers, speeding up the cleaning cycle for insatiable clients.

This type of commercial laundry equipment, however, also accounts for a large degree of energy consumption. As such, it’s important to choose the right devices; those with moisture sensors, for instance.

These sensors have the ability to prevent over-drying, which is, both, wasteful of energy and damaging to fibres. Dryers with this kind of capability are better able to protect linen and lengthen its lifespan.

In the process of converting your commercial laundry to an indisputable green space, it’s also important to consider the impact of inefficient irons. Given that most, if not all, commercial clients want their linen ready to go, ironing is an important stage within the laundry cycle.

When you are investing in an ironing system, make sure you consider only those that promise high levels of efficiency, both in terms of energy usage and speed control.

Additionally, it’s also useful to make sure that your devices are performing at peak efficiency, or at the very least, according to the standards guaranteed by your suppliers. Here, our gas and dryer monitoring system and the operator, ironer, and steam monitoring system will prove to be highly useful.

Caution: be mindful of system programmability and other features

When choosing the right commercial laundry equipment, it’s easy to be blown away by the advanced hardware on the market. Yet, there’s another component that is equally as crucial to a well-functioning washing facility: software programmability.

Modern devices are usually Wi-Fi enabled, allowing laundry operators to manage them remotely and customise their settings according to what’s required.

In tandem with sophisticated commercial laundry management systems, laundries themselves are rendered more efficient, increase output, and are highly productive at almost any given time. These systems can be used to tweak everything from water temperature to water extraction speed if the right hardware is chosen.

Choose commercial laundry equipment that helps you get ahead

If you’re looking to provide clients with laundry services at the lowest cost and at the highest possible efficiency, the right commercial laundry equipment makes all the difference.

When you’re choosing devices to power your operations, pay attention to the factors highlighted above. As always, remember that commercial laundry systems improve the functionality of these devices and give you greater control over your facility.

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