April 4

How to Implement Effective Linen Management for Efficient Operations



For many commercial laundries, linen management is an important part of everyday operations. Given that linen rental has become a popular service offering for many facilities, managing inventory levels to ensure that all clients are satisfied, is not an easy job.

In our post this week, we take a look at a few highly recommended best practices for effective linen management. From maintaining a proper par stock to laundering linen the right way, continue reading for everything you need to know!

Invest in high-quality linen

If you’re just starting out your rental service or are looking to improve linen management, one of the first things we recommend is that you invest in quality and long-lasting linen.

Do a little digging and find sheets and other items that look good, feel good, and last long as well. Many products, nowadays, are created using the latest textile technologies, which make them a durable addition to your linen inventory.

This way, you won’t have to worry about replenishing your stock every few months or run the risk of disgruntled customers.

Commercial laundry management systems assist with linen management

Let us let you in on a secret – commercial laundry management systems are behind the success of some of the biggest laundries in the world.

With the right platform, you can not only maintain the right levels of stock but also automate how you sort and deliver linen to each client. Certain systems, including ours at Bundle Laundry, also leverage RFID laundry tracking. This allows you to track each item of linen, ensuring that you send the right linen to the right client and that none of your stock gets lost or misplaced ever again!

RFID readers can also read the RFID tag on each item of linen and categorise it accordingly, saving hours of manpower and resources just to sort laundry!

Set the right level of par stock

While par stock is a concept well-understood within the laundry industry, let us define it for further clarity. Essentially, par stock refers to the number of sheets, towels, and other linen needed in a given hotel/hospital for a single day of operations.

As a commercial laundry, you will need to understand your clients’ needs thoroughly before you commit to renting linen for their operations. Apart from this, it’s also important to understand that, on certain days, you may need to supply extra linen on short notice.

If you’re not keen on maintaining a large stock holding, it may be best to rent only to smaller establishments. Here, it’s equally important that you keep in mind the varying requirements of each business. Healthcare facilities, for instance, possess distinct requirements when it comes to disinfection!

Undertake the right cleaning practices

Another important component of linen management is maximising the lifespan of each item, especially if you’re tight on stock or cash.

By using non-toxic detergents, pre-treated water, and modern commercial laundry equipment, it’s possible to preserve the quality of linen and ensure that they serve clients reliably for years. In this process, avoiding harsh chemicals and preventing unnecessary washing and drying is crucial.

That being said, it’s also important to understand when it’s time to take certain items out of circulation. No matter how passionate you are about maintaining your inventory levels, it’s more important that you don’t supply any discoloured, stained, or torn items to any of your clients.

If needed, it’s best to set a process in place where you check each item of linen, both before and after they’re cleaned, to make sure your clients get nothing but the best!

Key takeaways

If you’re looking to make it in the commercial laundry market, especially within the linen rental niche, it’s crucial that you undertake effective linen management.

Here, maintaining an optimum level of inventory is, arguably, the most important task. That being said, all other points we’ve mentioned in this article – from undertaking the right laundry practices to investing in a commercial laundry management system – helps you achieve just that.

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