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Bundle Laundry to Attend The Clean Show 2019!



The Clean Show is an event of significant importance to the global laundry industry. Bringing together leaders in the field and a range of laundry operators, the event highlights the latest technologies, trends, and best practices prevailing in the industry. This includes movements in the dry-cleaning, textile rental, and textile services sector.

This year, the Clean Show takes place in the historic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Here, participants and presenters can anticipate live demonstrations, which cover the latest laundry machines and equipment – one of the biggest areas for improvement, at present. Education and knowledge-sharing is another core aspect of the trade show, with new techniques and strategies analysed by experts and sponsoring associations.

Beyond this, it is also a golden opportunity for operators to meet manufacturers from around the world. With the promise of procuring products and services that can optimise laundry operations, this is an event you can’t afford to miss!

Why are we excited to attend?

As a leading supplier of smart laundry productivity solutions, we’re pleased to announce that we will be bringing our expertise to Clean this year!

With the promise of reconnecting with our network of customers and colleagues from around the world, the Clean Show allows us to showcase our experience and resources to transform laundry operations.

We are also excited to present our range of solutions to laundries that are looking for improved productivity, automation tools and data analysis that can help improve their profitability. In this process, we look forward to engaging with our clients to better understand how we can tailor our solutions to meet their emerging needs.

Which of our solutions will be on display?

Our solutions include a range of software platforms, all of which seek to delivery productivity improvements in all areas of laundry operations. These include:

Bundle IQ is our soon-to-be-launched, premier business intelligence solution. Bundle IQ provides commercial laundries with the ability to leverage insights and analytics for optimising operational performance.

With our suite of analytical dashboards and ability to communicate across multiple live data sources we are able to deliver a system that focuses on operational excellence. With the integration of Microsoft’s Power BI tools, Bundle IQ allows laundry operators to adopt data-driven approaches to improve day-to-day productivity.

Bundle Worx is our recently updated, real-time production management system, dedicated to addressing a commercial laundry’s biggest costs – labour, utilities, and equipment. By using Bundle Worx your team can;

  • monitor and improve operator efficiency
  • maximise equipment utilisation
  • accurately determine product processing efficiency
  • monitor different utility usage on a single platform

Bundle Connect is the complete laundry management platform leveraging the power of the Cloud and Add On Apps.

  • Manage customers, contacts, stock and prices.
  • Customise security access, invoice periods, delivery days and delivery routes.
  • Invite customers to create their own orders, view their invoices and run their own reports.
  • Create and dispatch orders quickly and effortlessly.
  • Generate a delivery manifest with GPS routing on Google Maps.
  • Automatically generate and send invoices, with custom periods, and export to your accounting system.

Bundle Track is a smart asset management system based on RFID giving real-time inventory reporting and management. Bundle Track uses UHF RFID technology to provide the laundry and their customers the productivity tools to;

  • Efficiently count inventory through the laundry and distribution process.
  • Effectively manage inventory in real time
  • Comprehensively report on functionality
  • Be used as a stand-alone, or fully integrated with Bundle Connect to deliver an efficient order-to-invoice system.

Bundle Maintain is one of our most recent solutions delivered in partnership with UK-based company, Laundry Engineering Services. Bundle Maintain provides laundries access to a centralised asset register for all items of laundry equipment and allows for the detailed planning of preventative maintenance activities, scheduling of maintenance and maintenance records. Moreover, it manages spare parts inventory with any related technical manuals and assist in maintaining stocks of critical spare parts.

Connect with us at the Clean Show 2019!

Taking place from the 20th-23rd of June, we look forward to sharing our expertise, experience, and laundry productivity solutions.

With so much on offer for commercial laundries at Clean, we are excited to see you all at the event!

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