January 17

Pitfalls of traditional ways in managing a commercial laundry



Bundle meets many commercial laundries throughout the year, and we’ve realised that most of them are still adopting the traditional ways in managing a commerial laundry and suffering from the same problems. They were shocked to hear how Bundle’s laundry software could help transform their business into a much productive and smart way.

Pitfalls of traditional ways in managing a commercial laundry 

  • Double entry of invoices
  • Time and cost consuming in generating invoices and reports through excels
  • Difficult in tracking current stock or inventory level
  • Unorganised ways in managing piles of orders and delivery notes
  • Multiple systems serving different functions

How Bundle Connect brings in the innovative ways in managing a commercial laundry?

  • Flexible laundry management software with customisable apps
  • Secured cloud-based laundry platform accessable at all time
  • Real-time laundry reporting and dashboard
  • Integrated single web portal allows you and your customer to control stock, place orders, manage delivery notes and invoice

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