The transition to Bundle has been instrumental in Allied Laundry continuing to drive change and business improvement by providing real-time customer ordering information, streamlined ordering and billing processes and has enabled a considerable reduction in staff time. The Bundle system has been a real success story for Allied Laundry.

Mark Mabbett

We have been in a long term partnership with Bundlestar for the last 10 years. Together we continue to improve the linen management software to meet the evolving requirements of the market.

Bundle were easy to deal with and gave us the solution in record time! We are now happy that our business is running smoothly and are seeing the time savings from using the Bundle Laundry Management Software suite.

As soon as I enabled your service, I saw a significant improvement. It cut my working time in half. This is incredible!

Everything has just been fantastic! Now I have increased revenue, exposure and success. I would recommend this company to anyone.

You company delivers something really valuable. I love your simple and elegant style. It’s a pleasure to have business with you.