Paul Thrasher
Business and Support Analyst

Paul has worked primarily in the financial services industry as a software programmer, business analyst and project manager for 30 years. 

During that time he has worked for small start-up IT companies as well as global banks and insurance companies. 

He literally has seen it all and so working now for a relatively small company with a global reach is all “par for the course” (and he’s a keen golfer as well). 

Paul has been with Bundle Australia for a few years now and has quickly become proficient in the intricacies of all 3 major systems supported by Bundle. 

It is his job to listen to our customer’s requirements and recommend the optimum business practice to achieve them, or if necessary, document specifications for system enhancements or customisation. 

He is also responsible for support documentation and periodic general releases, as well as assisting with daily customer support queries.