Bundle Track is a smart asset management system based on RFID giving real-time inventory reporting and management.

Uses UHF RFID technology to provide the laundry and their customers the productivity tools to;

  • Efficiently count inventory through the laundry and distribution process.
  • Effectively manage inventory in real time
  • Comprehensively report on functionality
  • Be used as a stand-alone, or fully integrated with Bundle Star to deliver an order-to-invoice system.

Track provides unprecedented live stock control at both customer and company level with the use of Bundle’s unique electronic counting interface.

Electronic Counting can be undertaken with either counting frames, barcodes or RFID technology.

Track will empower your management team to make critical decisions based on real time information, in turn delivering optimum results for the laundry and its customers.

Whether Textile Rental or COG, Track’s unique stock control functionality provides textile utilisation and reporting drivers for your customer’s textiles.

Track monitors each customer’s textile utilisation against stipulated benchmarks, allowing your management team to measure under performing customers.

This functionality at your fingertips is an exciting and competitive advantage

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